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Database Plugins to Keep Your WordPress Websites in Shape

WordPress is the new Mecca for all website designers. This CMS platform provides developers with tons of free template options in each category. Anyone can create new websites and/or blogs using the templates from the WordPress repository. But the best part about using WordPress is the endless collection of plugins.

While almost all of them are useful and functional, finding exactly what you are looking for can be really difficult if you are a newbie. The WordPress database plugins contain all sorts of information that makes your WordPress site run seamlessly. Just going to the plug-in library and filtering featured products by “database plugins” will lead you into a blinding collection of database plugins with diverse features. Either you can spend an eternity trying to figure out the functions of the listed plugins, or you can choose the one(s) you need from the list we have right here:


VaultPress is a backup service from Automattic. It does everything to make sure you do not lose any data. From regular backups to cloud integration of your website, everything can be accomplished using Vault Press. Matt Mullenweg is the brains behind Automattic, which strives to give WordPress users a better experience.

This plug-in can be easily set up directly from the WordPress library. It gives massive control to the user and admin of the site. You can get the premium services for as less as $5 a month, making it ideal for small and medium companies to build an online front.Vault Press helps in management of data during site migration, automated file repair, defense against spam and restoration of your entire online presence.

It’s a three in one plug-in that can get you enhanced support from the WordPress theme, better backup and stronger security for your website.


WP-Optimize may not be very new but it is one database app that takes 360-degree care of all your website data. It stores every bit of data including comment threads, customer details, theme backups and plugins configuration files that form the plinth of your website.

WP-Optimize is indeed one of the best database curation and cleanup tools from WordPress that can be used for website optimization. Added options provided to every premium user includes marking of potentially threatening changes in red, enabling and disabling trackbacks on post that have been already published and clearing the auto-draft posts.

Summarizing its functions – it can delete all post revisions, transient options, pingbacks, spam comments and auto drafts. In addition to that, WP-Optimize does as the name says, it can optimize your website database in a jiffy.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

You may not have heard of it yet, but Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is a quintessential tool that every WordPress veteran swears by. ODDR has quite a few unique features that even WP-Optimize misses out. ODDR is like the Moses of WordPress, it can clear paths for real data by sweeping a sea of cache and temporary data away.

This plug-in can also create an entry in the clean-up log every time it takes care of the garbage data for you. ODDR can be used to post revisions, deleted comments, cleaning pingbacks and trackbacks and deleted posts. It is possible that this plug-in is the most awesome one in this list since it has the superpower of handling multiple sites in one network. This Multisite compatibility makes ODDR one of the favorites of professional WP website developers.

BackWPUP Free

It’s a WordPress database plug-in and it’s free, it’s like a double jackpot with no possible taxation. BackWPUP Free is one of the very few WordPress plug-ins that offers all its services in gratis for all users. You can do a lot with this free plug-in. You can start with a simple, complete backup of your website and continue till the optimization of your website database, repairs and rechecks. All the backed up data can be stored in the Dropbox and FTP.

It currently supports five languages: English, German, Russian, French and simplified Chinese. Now working with BackWPUP Free is even easier as alongside the multi-language support, it is cross-compatible with multiple versions of the contemporary WordPress engines.

WP-DB Manager

There's probably no better way to end this list than adding WP-DB Manager as the curtain closer. The tool offers plenty of useful database operations. This tool helps you accomplish several operations including backing up database, optimization of database, restoration of database (in times of failure) and much more. Handling tables also becomes much easier with the help of WP-DB Manager.

You can find the answers to your queries by using this tool. And guess what? You can also use this plugin for repairing purposes. The plugin includes advanced features that only an expert can use with absolute ease and freedom. If you are not sure about how best to use the tool's various features, consult someone with experience in database handling.  

Just having a website built on the most popular CMS platform is simply not enough. You need to maintain it and clean it regularly just like a physical store or your home to make sure it stays attractive and user friendly. There is no bigger bummer than a cluttered website that refuses to load on a busy day. So before your visitors hit that exit sign, be sure to check out one or more of these plug-ins built for WordPress templates that help you manage your database and clean it too. If you are not sure about making a serious commitment to these plugins, we suggest you to give few of them a try before making up your mind!

Author bio: Derek Iwasiuk runs the think tank at Minneapolis that devices newer ways to help search engine professionals find SEO solutions. He loves travelling the country and he spends a lot of time educating fresh young talents in ways of the SEO masters and digital marketing experts. Find out more about Derek on Twitter.

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