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Reiko: Recreating the Demo

Table Tabs (Particle) [34%, 15%, se] Showcase Latest News (Particle) [44%, 12%, se] Utility Featured Videos (Particle) [53%, 12%, se] Expanded Media Quotes (Particle) [63%, 12%, se] Extension Photo Collage (Particle) [72%, 5%, se] Footer Simple Menu (Particle) [89%, 50%, se] Footer Logos (Particle) [93%

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reiko/demo.md
Score 2.1

Cygnet: Recreating the Demo

HTML [65%, 65%, se] Sidebar A - Custom HTML [71%, 23%, se] Mainbody [71%, 41%, se] Extension A - Custom HTML [81%, 23%, se] Footer A - RokSprocket (Quotes) [85%, 23%, se] We have detailed how to recreate the individual modules pictured above in the links below. Header C - Menu Slideshow - RokSprocket

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/cygnet/demo.md
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Branding Copyright Custom HTML Date Featured Videos Grid Statistic Heading Image Grid Info List Joomla Articles Latest News Logo / Image Logos Media Quotes Menu Mobile Menu Newsletter Photo Collage Popup Module Pricing Table Profile Score Block Search Simple Content Simple Counter Simple Menu Slideshow

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/reiko/
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Controls Responsive Layout Modes Multiple Themes per Layout Layout Modes Features Headlines Mosaic Strips Tabs Lists Grids Tables Sliders Quotes Content Providers Joomla K2 Seblod EasyBlog Content Builder FieldsAttach Zoo Simple Advanced Custom Interface One of RokSprocket's

Joomla Products /component/rokface/roksprocket
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Custom HTML Date Fixed Header Featured Videos Grav Content Grid Statistic Heading Image Grid Info List Latest News Logo / Image Logos Media Quotes Menu Mobile Menu Newsletter Photo Collage Pricing Table Profile Score Block Search Simple Content Simple Counter Simple Menu Slideshow

Grav Products /component/rokface/reiko
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RokSprocket: Layout Modes

Introduction RokSprocket has multiple layout modes to display your content including: Features, Tabs, Lists, Mosaic, Grids, Quotes, Sliders, Tables, Strips, and Headlines. This guide will give you an overview of what these modes are, and how to configure them using the administrator interface. To

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/extensions/roksprocket/layout_modes.md
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RokBooster Update Adds Timesaving New Features

or a partial URL (http://(your URL).com/blog/). If you use double quotes ("") around a string, it will match exactly. If you don't use the quotes, it will match any part of the page to the current URL. Exact matches with double quotes should start with a forward slash (/). If you use just a forward slash

RocketTheme Articles /blog/extensions/75-rokbooster-update-adds-timesaving-new-features
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Orion: User Stories Particle

Introduction The User Stories particle is a great way to display testimonials and other quotes from users, fans, etc. Here are the topics covered in this guide: Configuration Main Options Item Options Slides Articles Display Configuration Settings These options affect the main area of the

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/orion/particle_userstories.md
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RokSprocket for WordPress and Joomla Makes Content Shine

visual media to share. See a demo of this layout mode here. Quotes The Quotes layout mode is an excellent choice for sites that share testimonials, customer comments, product reviews, and other information in the form of short quotes. You can change some aspects of the Default theme that ships

Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/142-roksprocket-for-wordpress-and-joomla-makes-content-stand-out
Score 1.6

RokSprocket: Sliders Layout Mode

the image in the item, as well. The Content Filter Rules section gives you the ability to determine how the module will pull content to make up the quotes. For example, you can have the module pull articles that are within a specific category, contain a particular name or keyword in the title, or choose

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/extensions/roksprocket/sliders_mode.md