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Chimera: Recreating the Demo - Bottom

<div class="gantry-width-container"> <div class="gantry-width-75 wow fadeInLeft"> <div class="rt-float-left largemarginright"> <div class="gantry-width-75"> <p>Get more information about this incredible theme, its features, and discover all the ways that

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/g4chimera/demo_bottom.md
Score 84.0

Chimera: Recreating the Demo - Learn More About Chimera

option=com_content&amp;view=article&amp;id=1&amp;Itemid=111" class="readon wow pulse" data-wow-delay="2s">Learn More</a> </div> </div> <div class="clear"></div> </div> Basic Option Setting Prepare Content No Select a

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/g4chimera/demo_module_12.md
Score 69.2

Alerion: Recreating the Demo - Showcase

Option Setting Display Limit ∞ Theme Showcase Article Titles Show Article Text Show Preview Length ∞ Strip HTML Tags No Arrow Navigation Show Pagination Hide Animation Crossfade Autoplay Disable Autoplay Delay 5 Image Resize

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/alerion/demo_showcase.md
Score 47.7

Alerion: Recreating the Demo: Special Features

Set the starting position and the ending position for the module you wish to float, as well as the stopping offset point in the template manager. The stopping offset will stop the module in the exact offset position you would like.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/alerion/special_features.md
Score 45.7

How to Create an Article

You can insert the actual link (point 5), designate text which will be linked to the destination URL (point 6), and set a target to determine how the link will be loaded (point 7). You are not limited by these fields to insert media and/or links into an article.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/basic/how_to_create_an_article.md
Score 31.6

A complete guide to creating a WordPress Email Marketing Campaign

A website takes much effort to float well on the surface and distributing the content to a regular segment is no less than another added challenge. Communicating with this segment requires a mode and the market has many to offer.

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/250-a-complete-guide-to-creating-a-wordpress-email-marketing-campaign
Score 25.9

Callisto: Recreating the Demo - Contact Page

Title Features Icon Menu Item 1 Icon fa fa-diamond Icon Menu Item 1 Text Features Icon Menu Item 1 Link # Icon Menu Item 2 Title Gantry 5 Icon Menu Item 2 Icon fa fa-rocket Icon Menu Item 2 Text Gantry 5 Icon Menu Item 2 Link # Icon Menu Item 3 Title

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/callisto/contact.md
Score 20.4

Basics: Debugging & Customizing with LESS/CSS

Below is an example from Chapelco: LESS (Compiled) Files As an example, in the CSS pane screenshotted below, the #rt-logo CSS is being generated from a master-#.css file on line 1. This file has been compiled by LESS and compresses the entire code onto 1 line to improve performance.

Joomla Articles /blog/coding/32-basics-debugging-customizing-with-less-css
Score 10.2

Essential Mac Apps for Development and Productivity

Since we started using HipChat in 2010 we've sent nearly 1 million messages via the service! Other solutions come close, but none provide the raft of features of HipChat for the price, I can't recommend it enough!

RocketTheme Articles /blog/mac/38-essential-mac-apps-for-development-and-productivity