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RocketTheme's 2016 Year in Review

Over the past two months, Grav became the third CMS to be supported by the Gantry 5 framework.

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How Can Your Website Help with Crowdfunding?

What it doesn't give you is a support platform, a way to communicate back-and-forth with your backers (and potential backers), and they won't let you go into any great detail about other projects your company has or plans to work on in the future.

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Can Having a Personal Website Help You Find a Job?

First Impression If your site is well made and frequently updated, it can easily become a showcase of who you are and what your future employer can expect from you. This can work to your clear advantage if you have a good, clean website for a potential employer to find.

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Gantry5: Regarding Backward Compatibility

RocketTheme is dedicated to not only supporting existing templates and themes built on the Gantry 4 Framework, but in continuing to improve and update these products alongside Gantry5 for the foreseeable future. Gantry 4 will also remain in support.

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Helpful Tips for Bloggers and Content Marketers

If your content does not provide information that either solves a problem for the reader or answers a question, then they are far less likely to return in the future. Focus on content that is of value to the reader.

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Web-based Tools for Online Content Creators

HootSuite gives you the ability to keep up with multiple social feeds, respond to comments and replies, and even schedule future posts. HootSuite even scans your social accounts to determine the best times of day to schedule posts based on the activity of your followers.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/120-best-web-based-tools-for-online-content-creators
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Five Tips for an Aspiring Freelance Web Developer

Small business owners are always attending these events in order to meet the people that they may want to do business with in the future. So should you.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/122-five-tips-for-an-aspiring-freelance-web-developer
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Top News Aggregation Services

For $5 monthly or $45 yearly, you can upgrade to a pro account and set up automatic sharing of feed entries through third-party services like HootSuite and Buffer. You can also search within your Feedly library for specific information, and save it to Evernote or OneNote with a click.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/114-top-news-aggregation-services
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Database or Flat-File CMS, Which is Better for You?

NOTE: We plan on providing themes and extensions for Grav in the future, but right now we are focusing on making it a great platform. Grav is currently in beta, and we expect regular updates as development continues.

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RocketTheme is Celebrating its 10th Anniversary

He will talk about RocketTheme’s past, current design philosophy, and what’s ahead in the near future. Don’t forget that you can also take advantage of RocketTheme’s Decade of Design sale, celebrating 10 years of original designs and products from the RocketTheme team.

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