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UPDATED: Slight Delay on July Joomla Template Release

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    UPDATED: Slight Delay on July Joomla Template Release

    Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    • UPDATE: 7/4/2011 - Although the plan was to release on July 5th, we are going to push back the release to Thursday July 7th because there are just too many features and functionality we feel must be in the initial release.

      We want to get at least IE9 support for the administrator, some minimum requirements checking, translation strings sorted, some polish on the jobs manager, and an assortment of critical bugs. We have updated all Joomla and Joomla Developer memberships and extended them again so anyone that was expiring near the 1st has been given another full week of membership. We apologize for the delay but we just don't want to ship a ground breaking extension such as RokGallery that is not up to our high standards of execution. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

      As you may have already read, we've been hard at work on RokGallery, a brand-new cutting-edge gallery for Joomla. You can read more about it and see some screenshots of how it's progressing via the blog post:


      Our upcoming July Joomla template has been designed to utilize RokGallery and as such the two release dates are dependent on each other. Although we are generally on schedule (no small feat with an extension as complicated as RokGallery), we want a few more days to fix bugs and just polish things up in general. For that reason and also due to the upcoming July 4th holiday, we've decided to delay the release of the template and RokGallery itself.

      The current plan is to release on July 5th (now July 7th). However, as some of you time your memberships to coincide with our usual 1st of the month release cycle, we will be updating all Joomla subscriptions with an extra few days so you won't miss this release. I do encourage everyone with an "about to expire subscription" to renew however, as we are sure to have quite a few updates in the coming weeks.

      Discuss here: www.rockettheme.com/forum/index.php?f=2&..._v=viewtopic#p675780

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