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Frequently Asked Questions about RocketTheme's Purchasing and Billing Options.

What Does Lifetime Support Mean?

Single-template purchases, in addition to other possible purchasing options may include Lifetime access to downloads, updates, and support. This enables you to download the product as much as you need, receive regular updates, and access related members-only support forums throughout the lifetime of the product.

This means that you are not restricted by a set length of time as you are with Club memberships that only span a specific amount of time.

If a product should become deprecated, and no longer made available for purchase, it will be deemed Legacy. Once a product is considered Legacy, it will be considered expired and the original purchaser may no longer have access to downloads, or any related support forums.

You can find more information about single-template purchases and Club memberships here.

What is a Site License?

Site Licenses (previously known as Entitlements) refer to the number of instances (sites) that can use our templates/themes. We created this system in order to make it easier for the owner of a single site to afford our products without having to pay the same rate as someone creating and managing many different sites. This is the best way we have found to ensure that our pricing model is accessible for everyone.

You can find our complete guide to site licenses here.

What Counts as an Incident for Premier Support?

An incident is a specific issue for which support is being requested. This restriction is put in place to avoid incident creep in which a variety of unrelated issues are being addressed in one support request.

For example: If you are needing assistance configuring a template for your site, a separate incident would need to be filed for setup and configuration of RokSprocket.

Where Can I Find the Expiration Date of My Subscription?

You can take a look at previous purchases and keep track of your current subscriptions from the Purchases page, within your member profile. To reach this page, you can click on the drop-down next to your profile image at the top of any page within the RocketTheme site and select Purchases.

Alternatively, you can reach the page by selecting the Purchases tab from your Account Details or Forum Profile pages.

Here, you will find a list of purchases you have made. This list includes the status of the purchase (active or expired), type of purchase/subscription, start date, expiry date, and number of site licenses associated with the purchase.

You can also renew your subscription from this page. More details can be found in our Upgrades and Renewals guide.

How Do I Pull Up a Printable Invoice?

Printable invoices are available to you any time you need. You can access this information through your Order History page. You can access this page by selecting Order History through the drop-down menu located next to your user photo at the top of each page on the RocketTheme site.

Once you have reached this page, simply select the printer icon next to the order you wish to have an invoice for. A detailed printable invoice will appear in a new tab.

Any changes made to your account after the order is placed will not be reflected in the invoice, as it is a snapshot of related information taken at the time of purchase.

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