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Upgrades and Renewals

RocketTheme offers competitive loyalty discounts to members that choose to renew and/or upgrade their existing accounts.


RocketTheme has created several methods by which our existing Club members can save money through renewals and upgrades. In this guide, we will examine some frequently asked questions surrounding the benefits of renewing a RocketTheme Club membership. We will also touch on the upgrade option, and how membership upgrades work.

What is the Difference Between a Renewal and an Upgrade?

Once you have a Club membership in place, you can choose to upgrade it to a Developer Club membership, which comes with several added benefits including unlimited site licenses. Once the upgrade is complete, you are given one year of access to the Developer Club for the platform linked to the existing subscription. This comes at a discounted rate, allowing you to upgrade without having to pay full price for a brand new membership.

A renewal doesn't change anything about the subscription's features or benefits beyond extending the term of membership and adding additional site licenses (which carry over beyond the expiration date). RocketTheme offers members the ability to renew at any time from 360 days prior to expiration to 30 days after current membership has expired. This renewal is done at a discount in appreciation for being a loyal RocketTheme customer.

What Types of Club Memberships Can be Renewed or Upgraded?

You can renew any standard and developer-level Club membership with the exception of the extensions club. Renewals can be purchased from 360 days prior to expiration to 30 days after the end of the membership term.

If 30 days have passed since the expiration of a membership, you can still take advantage of a smaller loyalty discount on a renewed membership.

Because single-template purchases do not have time-based limitations, renewals do not apply. If you wish to purchase additional site licenses, you will need to re-purchase the template(s).

How Much is the Loyalty Discount?

The loyalty discount for renewals and upgrades varies based on the cost of the purchase. Developer accounts receive a larger discount than standard accounts, and the length of the purchased term also makes a difference.

The best way to find out what your loyalty discount will be is to initiate the renewal/upgrade process by navigating to your Purchases page in your profile and selecting Renew Membership next to the active subscription you wish to extend and/or upgrade. If you are upgrading, the time remaining on your standard subscription will be taken into account when calculating the discount.

From there, you can see a list of membership levels, the applied discount, and add your selection to the cart.

You can also see the total discount in the cart itself in the Price column.

NOTE: The loyalty discount is subject to change at any time. Any examples or images in this guide are strictly for informational purposes and may not reflect current pricing.


Example 1: New Member

Joe recently purchased a 1-year subscription to the Joomla Club. After downloading a few templates and trying out some extensions, he decides that the would like to lock in an additional year of membership and grab three additional site licenses by renewing.

After his fifth day of membership, he can renew his account and enjoy a loyalty discount on the second year. His membership will be extended by a year, and the additional site licenses for the renewal will be available to him immediately.

Example 2: Expired Membership

John is site developer, and he just landed a new client that needs several sites. His RocketTheme Developer Club membership expired 30 days ago. He can restart his membership at a slightly smaller discounted rate than he would have been able to if his subscription was either active or within 30 days after expiration.

Example 3: Upgrading

Jill just took on a new client that needs a dozen WordPress sites. She is a standard WordPress Club member with six site licenses. She can either purchase additional licenses or upgrade her account to a full Developer Club membership to take advantage of unlimited site licenses.

She has already used 3 out of 12 months on her standard subscription, but will receive a full year of membership in the Developer Club upon upgrading. Once the Developer Club subscription expires, she will maintain her original site licenses.

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