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Epsilon: MailChimp Particle

Your Guide to Using Particles in Epsilon for Grav


The MailChimp particle enables users to sign up for your newsletter. You need to create an account on MailChimp.com and copy the form embed action url into the particle's Form Action URL input field.

Here are the topics covered in this guide:


Main Options

Option Description
Form Action URL MailChimp Embedded Forms URL.
CSS Classes Set the CSS class(es) you would like to have apply at the particle level.
Layout Select a layout style for the particle. Stack and Aside are available.
Style Choose between Rounded and Square for the Input Box and Button.
Link Enter a URL for the particle to link to.
Icon Select an icon to appear in the particle.
Title Add a title to your particle that will appear on the front end.
Heading Text An extra line for text.
InputBox Text Enter text you wish to appear in the input box users will enter their email address in.
Error Background Color Select a background color for the error message(s).
Button Text Add text to your submit button.
Button Classes Enable CSS class(es) in your submit button.

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