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Gemini: Accordion Slider Particle

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Gemini Demo for Grav


The Accordion Slider particle is a clean and easy way to display expandable content in a slider format. This maximizes the amount of content you can put in a limited space. It is a natural and modern part of the Gemini theme.

Here are the topics covered in this guide:

Main Options

Option Description
CSS Classes Sets the CSS class for the content of the particle.
Title Sets the title of the particle, as it will appear on the front end.
Description Enables you to enter a description for the particle. This is independent of individual item descriptions.
Display at Once Determines how many items are displayed at a given time in the particle.
Prev Next Enables a previous / next switcher on the front end.
Prev Text Allows you to set text that appears in the Previous switch on the front end.
Next Text Allows you to set text that appears in the Next switch on the front end.
Loop Enables or disables looping of content, going from finish to start continuously.
Autoplay Enables or disables autoplay, allowing the particle to automatically move through items.
Autoplay Speed Sets the speed at which items are automatically progressed in autoplay.
Pause on Hover Pauses the automatic switching between items in autoplay.
Accordion Title Customize the accordion title text.
Accordion Subtitle Customize the accordion subtitle text.

Item Options

Option Description
Image Set an image for the item.
Title Set a title for the item.
Description Enables you to enter a descriptive paragraph to be displayed in the item.
Link Set a link for the item to link to.
Link Text Enter text that appears as the link for the item.
Target Choose a target (self or new window) for the link.

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