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Isotope: Flipping Content Particle

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Isotope Demo for Grav


The Flipping Content particle displays images that flip when you hover over them to reveal additional text content and links.

Here are the topics covered in this guide:


Main Options

These options affect the main area of the particle, and not the individual items within.

Option Description
Particle Name Enter the name you would like to assign to the particle. This only appears in the back end.
CSS Classes Enter the CSS class(es) you want to use in the content of the particle.
Title Enter a title for the particle.
Description Enter a short description to appear in the particle.
Grid Column Select the number of columns you want to have displayed.

Item Options

These items make up the individual featured items in the particle.

Option Description
Item Name Enter the name you would like to assign to the item. This only appears in the back end.
Image Select the image.
Image Alt Text Enter alternative text for the image.
Title Enter a title for the card that appears when it is flipped.
Subtitle Enter a subtitle to appear under the title once the card it flipped.
Description Enter your text paragraph here. This is the main body of the content that appears on flip.
Link Text Text you would like to have become the link.
Target Choose between Self and New Window as the target window for the link.
Link Enter the URL you want the content to link to.

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