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  • How to Add a Module to an Article

How to Add a Module to an Article

A Quick Tutorial for Adding Modules to Articles in Joomla 3.x

Adding modules to articles is a useful way to get around the limitation of positions in relation to the article body. It is possible to put a module in the midst of an article's mainbody content. Here are two ways to accomplish this.


By inserting the {loadposition xxx} command into an article, you can cause Joomla to render the module that has been preassigned to a non-template supported position.

You can do this be creating a module and assigning it to a position that is not actively supported by the current template. For example, if your template supports positions 1-10, you could assign this module to position 11, or opting to create a position value entirely different, such as a descriptive word indicating what this module is going to be used for. In this case, we will stick with position 11.

Alternatively, you can assign this module to all Menu Items. Doing so does not cause the module to render by itself, but does make it available when the loadposition or loadmodule command is called.

In this example, you would add {loadposition 11} into your article body. The module will appear at full width of the article, with text appearing above and/or below the module, depending on where you placed the shortcode.


The {loadmodule xxx} command is an alternative that works by finding the first module type that matches what you have placed instead of xxx and injects it into the article body wherever you put the code.

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