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Anacron: Testimonials Particle

Your Guide to Using Particles in Anacron for Joomla


The Testimonials particle gives you the ability to display testimonials for your brand in a clean, modern way. This includes an author, title, image, and quote.

Here are the topics covered in this guide:


Main Options

These options affect the main area of the particle, and not the individual items within.

Option Description
Particle Name Enter the name you would like to assign to the particle. This only appears in the back end.
CSS Classes Enter the CSS class(es) you want to use in the content of the particle.
Title Enter a title for the particle.
Description Enter a short introduction to appear in the particle above the testimonies.
In Animation Select an animation for items to move in with.
Out Animation Select an animation for items to move out with.
Prev / Next Prev/next navigation.
Prev Text Text for the previous navigation.
Next Text Text for the next navigation.
Dots Dots-style navigation.
Loop Enable or Disable looping.
Autoplay Enable or Disable autoplay.
Autoplay Speed Set the autoplay speed (in milliseconds)
Pause on Hover Enable or Disable pause on hover.

Item Options

These items make up the individual featured items in the particle.

Option Description
Title Enter a title for the testimonial.
Description Enter a text description for the testimonial.
Link Enter a URL you want the link to take you.
Link Text Enter any text you wish to have appear as the link.
Target Select a target for the URL.
Button Class Enter any CSS class(es) you wish to have apply to the button.

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