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Cerulean: Recreating the Demo - FP RokGallery

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Cerulean Template for Joomla

FP RokGallery

The graphic slideshow featured on the top of the front page of the demo is a RokGallery module. Because certain images look better with specific presets, we designed a new RokGallery module for each preset featuring images that complement the color scheme. We named these positions ss-(preset number) and added them to the template. You can just as easily create one RokGallery module and place it in the Slideshow position to accomplish the same look should you decide to stick to a single preset.


Option Setting
Title FP RokGallery
Show Title Hide
Access Public
Position ss-preset1
Status Published

Basic Options

Option Setting
Gallery Preset 1
Link Type None
Show Title Yes
Show Caption Yes
Sort By Order
Sort Direction Ascending
Slice Limit 10
Gallery Style Light
Gallery Layout Slideshow
Show Arrows Yes
Navigation Type None
Animation Type Random
Animation Duration 500
Autoplay Disabled
Autoplay Delay 7
Background Image Blank

Advanced Options

Option Setting
Module Class Suffix

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