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Photon: Recreating the Demo - Extension Section

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Photon Demo for Joomla


The Extension section includes one Owl Carousel particle. This particle is placed within the Extension A module position.

Here is a breakdown of the module(s) and particle(s) that appear in this section:

Section Settings

Option Setting
Layout Boxed
CSS Classes nomargintop
Tag Attributes Blank

Owl Carousel (Particle)

The Owl Carousel particle is a Gantry 5 Particle module placed within the extension-a module position. Adding a particle to a module position can be done by creating a Gantry 5 Particle module, adding the particle using the settings found in the section below, and assigning it to the position.

Module Position Particle Settings

Particle Settings

Demo Extension

Option Setting
Particle Name FP Extension A
Key extension-a
Chrome gantry

Block Settings

Demo Extension

Option Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes Blank
Variations No Margin, No Padding
Tag Attributes Blank
Fixed Size Unchecked
Block Size 100%

Owl Carousel Particle Settings

Particle Settings

Demo Extension

Option Setting
Particle Name Owl Carousel
CSS Classes Blank
Title Blank
Layout Testimonial
Width Full Width
Out Animation zoomOut
In Animation fadeIn
Prev / Next Disable
Prev Text Blank
Next Text Blank
Dots Enable
Loop Enable
Autoplay Enable
Autoplay Speed 5000
Pause on Hover Enable
Footer Shadow Enable
Footer Shadow Color #20232a
Item 1 Name Template Styling
Item 1 Image Custom
Item 1 Icon fa fa-twitter
Item 1 Title Blank
Item 1 Description The template styling is built with SCSS, a programmable stylesheet language for CSS, making the CSS more dynamic and adaptable. You can easily enable and disable automatic recompilation of SCSS files.
Item 1 Link Blank
Item 1 Link Text Blank
Item 1 Target Self
Item 1 Button Class Blank

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