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Your Guide to Using the Visage Style for phpBB.


Visage, the January 2012 phpBB club release, is a contemporary blending of stunning, refined visuals. These elements are combined with a polished and powerful undertone, providing a unique look that is flexible and intuitive to use. The foundational RokBB3 Administration Module creates a base template rich with features, such as the fluid width, configurable modules, amongst many others.

Visage has integrated styled support for RokTabs, providing consistent and stunning appearance..


  • Exquisite 12 Preset Styles
  • 6 Matching Imagesets
  • Extended configuration options
  • Fluid Width Support
  • RokTabs Styling
  • phpBB 3.0.9 Compatible
  • 28 Structural and Stylistic suffixes
  • Fusion Menu (with RokNavMenu Exporter)
  • Loading Transitions
  • Configurable Module Positions
  • RokNavMenu exporter support
  • Integrated RokBB3 Administration module
  • Customizable layout options
  • FF, Opera, Safari 4, IE7+ Compatible
  • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

NOTE: RokBB 3.3+ is required for Visage to work correctly. For more details on installing RokBB, please visit the Administrative Module installation guide. Also, this style presently only supports phpBB 3.0 and is not currently available for phpBB 3.1.

New RokBB3 Administration

Fresco offers a wide array of layout configurations for displaying your content. Powered by our flasghip refreshed product, the RokBB3 administration module, you have full control over your forum layout such as color variations, font settings, menu options, and much more. Everything is fully configurable with just a few clicks.

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