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Syndicate: Recreating the Demo - Sidebar

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Syndicate Theme for WordPress

Sidebar Section

Gantry Recent Posts

Here is the widget breakdown for the Sidebar section:

  • RokAjaxSearch
  • RokTabs
  • RokWeather
  • RokStock
  • Gantry Recent Posts


The RokAjaxSearch widget allows users to search your site for interesting content. Here is a breakdown of the options you will want to change to match the demo.

  • Set the Box Variation option to Box 1.
  • Leaving everything else at its default setting, select Save.


This area of the demo is a RokTabs widget. RokTabs is no longer supported by RocketTheme. Many of its features and functionality have been integrated into RokSprocket.


The RokWeather widget gives you the ability to display the weather forecast to visitors. It's a perfect addition to a regional news site. Here are the options used in our demo.

Option Setting
Title Weekly Forecast
Source Yahoo
Default Location Golden, Co
Location Override Blank
Forecast Items to Show 2 Days
Default Degree Type F
User Interaction Yes
Enable Units switch Yes
Location Caching Yes
Enable Location Cookie Yes
Enable Icon Display Yes
Enable Humidity Display Yes
Enable Wind Display No
Default Windspeed Type MPH
Box Variation Box 1
Title Variation Title 1


The RokStock widget displays stock analysis for visitors of your site. You can find out more about RokStock in our [official documentation][rokstock]. Here are the options we used in our demo.

Option Setting
Box Variation AdBox

Gantry Recent Posts

The Ganty Recent Posts widget lists the latest blog posts in a clean, seamless way. Here are the settings we used with this widget.

Option Setting
Title Latest Posts
Number of Posts to Show 10
List Class Menu
Category Blank
Box Variation Box 1
Title Variation Title 2

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