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WP Helium Load Issues

  • WP Helium Load Issues

    Posted 4 years 7 months ago
    • I have a site at stanmann.com that is using Gantry 5 and the Helium free theme. I'm wondering if someone can tell me why the page is loading backwards (so to speak). The bottom half of the page renders right away but the top half of the page is delayed causing an effect almost like it is popping down from the top of the screen when it finally finishes loading. According to the loading waterfall that image is loading very fast so something else seems to be slowing it down. Any idea what it is and how I can avoid this so that if nothing else the top half loads before the bottom?
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    Re: WP Helium Load Issues

    Posted 4 years 7 months ago
    • Owl Carousel's init script is at the bottom... so it takes a second to load... doesn't look like you really need a carousel at the top though so I'd recommend just setting a static background from your Styles tab and positions a custom HTML Particle in the center with your text/images
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