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RokSprocket - WP - Parse Error

  • RokSprocket - WP - Parse Error

    Posted 4 years 5 months ago
    • I've been using RokSprocket on Joomla, but this is my first time to try it on WP. When I try to activate it, I get the following error
      Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in ............/wp-content/plugins/wp_roksprocket/roksprocket.php on line 461

      Not sure what ot do about this.
      I got this error, uninstalled, tried downloading again, did rokcommon first (that went smoothly), and re-downloaded and tried again. Got the same result.

      This is what's at line 461 - I'm not using Gantry

      // Gantry 5 special case
      if(class_exists('Gantry\Framework\Gantry')) {
      if(!wp_script_is('mootools.js')) {
      Gantry\Framework\Document::addHeaderTag(, 'head', 10);
      Do you have to use Gantry or a Rockettheme theme for this to work (I guess when I've used RockSprocket before,
      it has been a Rocket Theme template in joomla? In any case, there should not be a Parse error.

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    Re: RokSprocket - WP - Parse Error

    Posted 4 years 5 months ago
    • Make sure you're running at least PHP 5.6
    • SEARCH the forum first! These boards are rich in knowledge and vast in topics :woohoo:

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