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Gantry 4 Templates using Android Mobile Theme

  • Gantry 4 Templates using Android Mobile Theme

    Posted 2 years 4 weeks ago
    • With the latest release of Gantry 4 ( Joomla 4.1.42 and WordPress 4.1.19 ), we've provided fixes for non-responsive Gantry 4 templates using the Android Mobile Theme. This fix, however, will require a simple change in each of the Gantry 4 templates to ensure the touch menu is working properly.

      Make your way to your template/theme's folder and find the index-android.php file (Note: if your theme does not include this file, the Android theme is not available for your template).

      Find the following the line of code:

      and change it to:

      Once this file has been saved, clear your Joomla / WordPress cache (you may also need to clear your browser cache in your Android device: Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager -> Chrome/Firefox -> Clear Cache).

      Then you should see the mobile theme displayed and the menu working properly (ensure the Android theme is enabled in your Gantry admin settings: Mobile -> Android Custom Theme).

      If you have any questions / issues, please post for support in your theme's forum.
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