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Owl Showcase image height inconsistent

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    Owl Showcase image height inconsistent

    Posted 1 year 2 months ago
    • Hi,

      I'm trying to get a slideshow ruuning on the Showcase particle in Anacron and am getting inconsitent image heights in the showcase window (see attached)

      If you need access to the site, the details of my previous post are still valid (apart from the PW that Reggie changed.


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    Re: Owl Showcase image height inconsistent

    Posted 1 year 2 months ago
    • Your slide textual content is inconsistent between the slides - hence the issue. So you can force it with this CSS:
      .g-owlcarousel-showcase .g-owlcarousel .g-owlcarousel-item-image {
         min-height: 60vh;
      Adjust the 60vh to suit your needs.

      To create a custom CSS compatible with Gantry 5 please read this http://docs.gantry.org/gantry5/tutorials/adding-a-custom-style-sheet .

      Remember to recompile CSS from base outline too.

      Regards, Mark.

      p.s. putting textual content in the slide image is a bad idea (as you will see if you look in different viewport sizes).
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