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All editorial content and graphics on our sites are protected by U.S. copyright, international treaties, and other applicable copyright laws and may not be copied without the express permission of RocketTheme, LLC, which reserves all rights. Reuse of any of RocketTheme editorial content and graphics for any purpose without RocketTheme's permission is strictly prohibited.

DO NOT copy or adapt the HTML or other code that RocketTheme creates to generate pages. It also is covered by RocketTheme's copyright.

Demo Content

The demo content provided on this website is intended to provide a sample of how a website could look when implemented. The content itself, including text and images, is not intended to be used by 3rd parties on live websites. This content is copyright RocketTheme or is licensed for use by RocketTheme and should not be used unless specific permission is sought and obtained by RocketTheme.

If you believe your rights have been violated

RocketTheme, LLC provides templates both by in-house and freelance designers. We contractually prohibit our designers from using materials that infringes third party intellectual property rights (such as copyright, trademark, trade dress and right of publicity) in their designs. We encourage intellectual property rights owners to contact us if they believe that a designer has infringed their rights. If you let us know that your rights are being infringed by one of our designers we will (in our discretion) remove the template in question from products and, if the designer continues to infringe your rights (or infringes the rights of others) terminate our agreement with the designer.

If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been infringed by one of our designer, please provide our Copyright Officer with a notification that contains the following information:

Our Copyright Officer may be reached by email at

Effective Date

This Privacy Statement is effective as of December 08, 2008.