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RocketTheme phpBB Club Styles are not compatible with phpBB 3.2.
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phpBB 3.1

Purchase the Audacity template individually for lifetime access to Audacity template downloads, updates, and the Audacity support forum.

About Audacity

  • phpBB 3.1
  • Modules Editor
  • Poster Avatars
  • Color Chooser
Audacity is our first phpBB style which introduces phpBB 3.1 support. This new forum release features many improvements for users, administrators, and developers alike. Also, updated RokBB includes many new features and improvements.
Sharp Design
Modules Editor allows you to easily build your modules around phpBB 3.1 forum. You can specify position, size and other params. We have included many pre-made modules and created tutorial about building your own content modules.
Rich Content
Audacity introduces new forum layout. New layout is based on user avatars. It shows last user avatar image instead forum icon. It also adds status indicator which notifies on new topics or special actions.
Last Poster Avatar
Audacity has an extensive Color Chooser in the style manager to provide intricate controls for each section, inclusive of overlay type, text color, background color, as well as accent colors. Edit preexisting or create your preset.
Color Chooser

Featured Extensions

  • RokBB
  • RokNavMenu
  • Imageset Editor
RokBB for phpBB 3.1 is a powerful framework for phpBB, that provides the basis for advanced and extensive administrative control over the styles. Modify various style elements, such as color, via a javascript color chooser, module editor, features and so much more.
RokNavMenu Exporter is a plugin for Joomla and phpBB, that allows the Joomla Menu to be synced within phpBB so that the menu items are always synced. The plugin does not require RokBridge in order to function, nor does it conflict with it.
Imageset Editor allows you to replace standard forum icons with FontAwesome iconic font. Over 45 forum and topic states are supported. Around 400 icons available for selection through live preview panel.
Imageset Editor

Audacity Overview

Style and RokBB Features

  • Improved Responsive Layout
  • Last Poster Avatar Layout
  • Icon Based Layout
  • 8 Preset Styles
  • Imageset Editor
  • Modules Editor
  • Resizeable Sidebar
  • Logo Toggle
  • Custom Logo Link
  • Font Selector
  • RTL Support
  • Content Animations
  • FontAwesome 4 based Imageset and Icons
  • Google Web Fonts Support
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • RokNavMenu Exporter Support
  • Demo settings applied automatically
  • 26 Modules Positions
  • 20 Styled Module Suffixes
  • 1200 Fixed Option
  • Mobile Menu
  • Structural Module Suffixes
  • 960 Fixed Option


  • Birthdays
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Copyright
  • Date
  • Debug
  • Main Menu
  • Horizontal Menu
  • Contact Us
  • Login
  • Logo
  • Navbar Header
  • Navbar Footer
  • Reset Settings
  • Search
  • Search Mini
  • Search Menu
  • Site Info
  • Social Buttons
  • Style Switcher
  • Statistics
  • To Top Scroller
  • Who Is Online

Technical Requirements and Support

  • RokBB 5.5.0
  • FF, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE8+
  • PHP 5.5 - 5.6.x
  • phpBB 3.1.x (incompatible with phpBB 3.0.x)
  • phpBB3 RocketLauncher
  • Adobe Fireworks PNG Sources


  • Avatar 1 - http://twitter.com/brynn
  • Avatar 2 - https://twitter.com/adellecharles
  • Avatar 3 - http://twitter.com/mko
  • Avatar 4 - http://twitter.com/motherfuton
  • Avatar 5 - http://twitter.com/allisongrayce
  • Avatar 6 - https://twitter.com/florianmascaro