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Joomla! Hosting

Joomla 3.x Software Minimum Recommended MySQL 5.1 + 5.1 + MSSQL 10.50.1600.1 + 10.50.1600.1 + PostgreSQL 8.3.18 + 8.3.18 + PHP 5.3.1 + 5.3.1 Apache 2.x + 2.x + NGINX 1.0 1.1 Microsoft IIS 7 7 Joomla currently does not support MySQL 6.

Joomla Documentation /docs/hosting/joomla.md
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Magento Hosting Guide

Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported Server - hosting - setup: Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP 5 Ability to override options in .htaccess files If your server or hosting account does not meet the requirements above then you will be unable to install Magento.

Magento Documentation /docs/hosting/magento.md
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phpBB Hosting Guide

Thankfully, remote hosting services are available for prices as low as what you might expect to spend on a cup of coffee per month.

Phpbb Documentation /docs/hosting/phpbb.md
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WordPress Hosting Guide

Software WordPress 3.1 WordPress 3.2 MySQL 4.1.2 5.0 + PHP 4.3 5.2.4 + WordPress currently does not support MySQL 6.x, though support may be offered in the future.

Wordpress Documentation /docs/hosting/wordpress.md
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What is Joomla?

These companies and individuals spend their days working with clients to help them turn their ambitious website concepts into reality. By night, they are frequently found contributing to the greater Joomla project in order to make the platform even better.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/platform/
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Attracting Customers to Your E-commerce Site

You will spend more time looking at each jar, and you may regret any decision you make as you do not have a firm grasp on exactly what is available after only a brief moment looking at the selections. A table with two choices, grape and strawberry, is far easier to navigate and make a choice from.

RocketTheme Documentation /docs/technical_tips/ecommerce/build_an_audience_for_ecommerce.md
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Personal Portfolio Tips

The time you spend building it and making it just right can certainly pay off for you down the road. Just remember, the devil is in the details.

RocketTheme Documentation /docs/technical_tips/personal/personal_portfolio.md
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Productivity Tips for Developers

This does not mean you should procrastinate, but rather spend your productive time making progress on something rather than staring at the same brick wall in hopes a solution will present itself.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/107-productivity-tips-for-developers
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Save Big During Our Summer Holiday Sale

Gantry 5 is featured in a dozen of our most popular designs, featuring an intuitive all-new interface, drag-and-drop simplicity, and no programming experience is required.

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Wordpress Joomla Magento Phpbb Articles /blog/team/222-save-big-during-our-summer-holiday-sale
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Five Tips for an Aspiring Freelance Web Developer

When a new method or code release comes out, spend some time in a sandbox environment seeing what you can do with it. If you can create something new or especially useful early on, share it.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/122-five-tips-for-an-aspiring-freelance-web-developer