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A Beginner’s Guide to Database Management and Changing WordPressThemes

Changing WordPress theme from database Step #1 - Open Database in the phpMyAdmin Step #2 - Click wp_options table on the left-hand side to open the table. Note that the prefix ‘wp_’ may be different is some cases.

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/243-a-beginner-s-guide-to-database-management-and-changing-wordpressthemes
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RocketTheme Mid-Year 2013 Status Update

This has been the most requested feature here at RocketTheme for quite some time, and we intend to offer both club and individual item purchase options so everyone can choose the option that works best for them! I'm really excited to be able to make this functionality available for our customers.

Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/28-rockettheme-mid-year-2013-status-update
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How to Find the Best Laptop for Web Development

A good battery life for a laptop is between 5 and 9 real-world hours. There are some outstanding exceptions such as the ThinkPad X240 which boasts a whopping 15 hours of battery life. The MacBook Air received high praise in reviews for its exceptional battery life of 9-12 hours.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/155-how-to-find-the-best-laptop-for-web-development
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Five Useful Tools for Web Developers in 2015

You can pick up a 25% discount on 1 year subscriptions by using the members-only coupon code on our Promotions Page.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/167-five-useful-tools-for-web-developers-in-2015
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How to add Google AdSense to WordPress

Requirements for running Google AdSense with WordPress A WordPress website A Google account An approved AdSense account AdSense approved/verified website Integration of the site with AdSense services Setting it up: 1.

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/273-how-to-add-google-adsense-to-wordpress
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How to Make WordPress More Secure

There is another, useful guide that breaks down WordPress security in great detail written at Hosting Facts here. These are just some suggestions to help you secure your WordPress site. Have another tip to share? Leave it in the comments section below!

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Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/154-how-to-make-wordpress-more-secure
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Good Laptops for Bloggers and Content Creators

The downside here is that they are underpowered when compared to Core i3, i5, and i7 processors. If you're using the laptop to bang out some blog posts from the road, you will likely not notice a slowdown at all.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/160-good-laptops-for-bloggers-and-content-creators
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Add Custom Styles More Easily to the WordPress Visual Editor

Here are the five basic steps you’ll need to follow when taking this route: Step 1: Create a child theme so you won’t lose any changes you make to the visual editor when it comes to update the parent theme.

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/232-add-custom-styles-more-easily-to-the-wordpress-visual-editor
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Music Streaming Services for Productivity

Pandora has a smaller library (~1 million songs) than other services on this list.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/125-music-streaming-services-for-productivity
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Anacron: Pricing Table Particle

CSS Classes Enter any CSS class(es) that you would like to have apply to the particle's content here. Title Enter a title here that will appear on the front end. Header Text Enter any text here you want to appear in the header area of the particle.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/anacron/particle_pricing.md