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Three Ways to Generate Traffic on Your Site in 2016

Create Community Around Your Brand The difference between an active and passive visitor comes down to how they interact with your brand. Are they consciously aware of who your company is and what it does, or are they chasing seemingly random results that come up when they search for something?

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/201-three-ways-to-generate-traffic-on-your-site-in-2016
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Sneak Peek of the New RocketTheme Site

You can also use the forums to interact with other members of our community, share and browse hundreds of useful tips, and make suggestions about updates and improvements you would like to see in our products.

Joomla Articles /blog/team/97-sneak-peek-of-the-new-rockettheme-site
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Gantry5: Incredibly Easy to Use

We also eliminated the need for the user to interact with the file system. All of the settings you need to configure are available in the admin, including the ability to add and remove positions, edit your error pages, and more.

Wordpress Joomla Magento Phpbb Articles /blog/team/172-gantry5-incredibly-easy-to-use
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Five Tips for Beginning Web Developers

By some estimates, there are now over 1 billion websites serving over 3 billion people worldwide. Even taking into account that many - if not the majority - of them are unused and essentially parked domains, that's still a lot of websites!

RocketTheme Articles /blog/coding/212-five-tips-for-beginning-web-developers
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Responsive Design: Part 3 - RocketTheme's Extensions

If you would like to take advantage of the RokMediaQuery functionality in your own extensions, you just need to ensure the RokMediaQuery.js is loaded and use it like this: {codecitation class="brush:javascript"} var rand = function(min, max){ return Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1) + min

Joomla Articles /blog/team/56-responsive-design-rockettheme-part3
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Top Five Password Managers

You could write them all down, add them to a spreadsheet or text file, or use the same password on every site you interact with. These options can work for you, but they leave a lot of room for error.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/110-top-five-password-managers
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Three Great Tools for Social Media Management

These tools should make it easier to create content, schedule it to appear on your social feeds at a time that is optimal for your follower base, track activity and performance, and interact with your community from one centralized location.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/127-three-great-tools-for-social-media-management
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Basics: Debugging & Customizing with LESS/CSS

Below is an example from Chapelco: LESS (Compiled) Files As an example, in the CSS pane screenshotted below, the #rt-logo CSS is being generated from a master-#.css file on line 1. This file has been compiled by LESS and compresses the entire code onto 1 line to improve performance.

Joomla Articles /blog/coding/32-basics-debugging-customizing-with-less-css
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Essential Mac Apps for Development and Productivity

Since we started using HipChat in 2010 we've sent nearly 1 million messages via the service! Other solutions come close, but none provide the raft of features of HipChat for the price, I can't recommend it enough!

RocketTheme Articles /blog/mac/38-essential-mac-apps-for-development-and-productivity