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What's Going on With Documentation?

We’ve also released copies of our demo site in the form of RocketLaunchers in order to provide a real-world reference that makes it easier to hit the ground running with a feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing starting point for our templates.

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Watchful Remote Updating and Monitoring

Special Offer for RocketTheme Members $1 per month for 3 months - Starter plan $2 per month for 2 months - Standard plan $3 for the first month - Pro plan Visit the Promotions page to take advantage of this Watchful Special Offer for RocketTheme members.

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Copyright Information

DO NOT copy or adapt the HTML or other code that RocketTheme creates to generate pages. It also is covered by RocketTheme's copyright. Demo Content The demo content provided on this website is intended to provide a sample of how a website could look when implemented.

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Five Great Free Stock Image Sites in 2016

These are just a handful of the many sites out there that can connect you with the perfect stock photos for your next mock-up, demo, or website.

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How to Easily Simplify a RocketTheme Template

In this six-minute video, we took Corvus from a demo state to a clean, content-ready template that is sure to appeal to any lover of modern minimalistic design.

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Preset 5 background by tommerton2010, via Creative Commons License. Preset 6 background by Thomas Leuthard, via Creative Commons License. Preset 7 background by Ian Sane, via Creative Commons License. Preset 8 background by Mike Baird, via Creative Commons License.

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Meet the Team - James Spencer

These include: support (forum/email/premier support), demo construction, documentation, side development projects like Afterburner2, assisting with the main club releases, bug fixes, updates, and lots of different maintenance tasks over the years. What is it like working for RocketTheme?

Joomla Articles /blog/team/45-meet-the-team-james-spencer
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Gantry5: Reimagining the Layout Manager

You can create new rows within a Section by selecting the plus (+) icon at the top of the Section. This new row enables you to add more particles, create module/widget positions, or a mix of the two.

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Gantry5: Meet the Menu Editor

One of the newest additions to the Gantry framework coming in Gantry5 is the powerful Menu Editor. This global administrative panel gives you the ability to quickly and easily enhance your site’s menus.

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RocketTheme's 2016 Year in Review

New Themes RocketTheme has also released nearly a dozen new themes, including the free Helium theme (demo), which serves as an excellent introduction to the Gantry 5 framework.

Grav Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/239-rockettheme-s-2016-year-in-review