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What Do You Do if Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked?

immediately delete a site once it has been confirmed or reported as hacked. They often delete the entire blog in a bid to curtail any more malicious activity and at the same time protect other integral components of their network. Again, their concern is, often, that if they do not delete a hacked website

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/214-what-do-you-do-if-your-wordpress-site-has-been-hacked
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Privacy Statement

reasons it was collected. When Personal Information or Prospect Information is no longer required for our purposes, we have procedures to destroy, delete, or erase it or to convert it to an anonymous form. Any information that RocketTheme collects from visitors to this Web Site will be used, stored

RocketTheme Articles /legal/91-privacy-statement
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How to Work with Attributes in Magento

reconfigure the set afterwards, but whichever set you assign to the product when it is created is the one that will remain assigned to until it is deleted. Use a naming convention that suits your site. Be consistent with this as it will help you find and create Attribute Sets much easier. Re-use Attributes

Magento Documentation /docs/magento/basic/attributes.md
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Gantry 5: Beta 4 Released

taking when installing Gantry 5 beta 4 on an existing Gantry 5 beta 3 site. Delete the TEMPLATE_DIR/custom/compiled-css directory in your installation. Back up your TEMPLATE_DIR/custom directory. While we recommend deleting this directory entirely so you will see all the new changes, backing it up will

Joomla Articles /blog/team/184-gantry-5-beta-4-released
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How Can Your Website Help with Crowdfunding?

that rely on their social pages as their primary virtual home, this can backfire very quickly when the platform itself changes its rules, decides to delete your company's profile for whatever reason, or simply stops being popular. All the work you put in to creating and distributing information on these

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/128-how-can-your-website-help-with-crowdfunding
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Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook Review

stuff here, so for me this was one of the meatier chapters. Topics covered are: Creating a custom "Twitter handle" field in a registration form Deleting orders in Magento Using Google Website Optimizer Creating a custom variable and using its own e-mail templates Using Google analytics for Magento

Magento Articles /blog/reviews/69-magento-development-cookbook-review
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Essential Mac Apps for Development and Productivity

multiple files in a variety of locations throughout your file system. AppCleaner is a handy application that locates all these files and let's you safely delete them all in one shot. Oh it's free too! Download Free

RocketTheme Articles /blog/mac/38-essential-mac-apps-for-development-and-productivity