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RocketTheme Mid-Year 2013 Status Update

We really think you're going to love the end result. Another big feature that has taken a huge effort is the rewrite of the 'club' code that powers RocketTheme.

Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/28-rockettheme-mid-year-2013-status-update
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10 Amazing Facts about Responsive Web Design

Website Loading Time & Performance Google and Internet users love fast-loading sites. Most visitors will leave your site immediately if it takes too much time to load. Responsive websites offer the optimal viewing experience of a website on all devices and load fast.

Wordpress Articles /blog/design/236-10-amazing-facts-about-responsive-web-design
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RokGallery, a New Spin on Managing Images

Front-end selectable sort options Ability to “love” an image Image view counter Details view for a particular image with full image information Modules available include: Grid view and new Slideshow module with unique transition effects.

Joomla Articles /blog/extensions/66-rokgallery-a-new-spin-on-managing-images
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Changes Coming to phpBB and Magento for RocketTheme

In recent months, we have introduced Gantry 5, a powerful new theming framework built entirely on only the latest Web technologies.

Phpbb Magento Grav Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/197-changes-coming-to-phpbb-and-magento-for-rockettheme
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RocketTheme's 2016 Year in Review

Over the past two months, Grav became the third CMS to be supported by the Gantry 5 framework.

Grav Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/239-rockettheme-s-2016-year-in-review
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RokLegacy Plugins

Tooltips Display 12h or 24h Tooltips Data RokWeather Features Weather Icons Location Chooser Celsius Option Fahrenheit Option Unit Switcher Up to 4 Day Forecast User Selectable Location Multiple Wind Units Humidity Wind Speed Cookie Options RokFeatureTable Features Unlimited Rows Up to 6

Wordpress Products /wordpress/plugins/roklegacy
Score 21.9

Responsive Design: Part 2 - RocketTheme's Solution

So even with the responsive capabilities you will still have 100% of the power and flexibility that you know and love from Gantry.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/57-responsive-design-rockettheme-part2
Score 21.9

How to Find a Good Niche for Your Company's Blog

If you love technology, think about a type of technology that appeals to you the most. Consider your audience, the amount of content that could come from the niche (you don't want to be too narrow, either), and how many other players are in the space.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/144-how-to-find-a-good-niche-for-your-company-s-blog
Score 21.9

Gantry 4 Designs Coming to Gantry 5

That way we ensure that the highest number of our users get access to the new Gantry 5 versions of their favorite themes first. After that, we plan to conduct some polling in the member forums to ask you, the community, what designs you want to see on Gantry 5.

Joomla Grav Wordpress Articles /blog/team/269-gantry-4-designs-coming-to-gantry-5
Score 20.4

Can Having a Personal Website Help You Find a Job?

Sharing your love for gardening and passion for skydiving is fine. Long, profanity-filled rants about everything and anything that gets on your nerves, not so much. Your website should work for you.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/129-can-having-a-personal-website-help-you-find-a-job