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Looking Forward to Joomla 4 and Beyond

almost a year away - and Joomla 3.10 is expected to receive two years of support after its release (12-18 months of complete support and 6-12 months of security updates). As of December, Joomla has stated that the stable release of Joomla 4 is not expected before the end of 2019. With this in mind

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/277-looking-forward-to-joomla-4-and-beyond
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RocketTheme Website RSS Feeds Going Offline for Maintenance

with the help of our community, we believe that the issue is related to the extension we use to manage RSS feeds. No other services or products are expected to be affected by this maintenance, and it is our hope that by taking this extension offline to review it further, any page rendering issues that

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/204-rockettheme-website-rss-feeds-going-offline-for-maintenance
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How to Create a Multilingual Site in Joomla

Type and configure it as you prefer. Once this is done, you should see both the language selector module and the language-specific menu appear as expected. Your visitors can switch between languages by clicking its associated flag. Extra Information If you're having issues with your multilanguage setup

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/basic/how_to_create_a_multilingual_site.md
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Save on Admission to JoomlaDay Florida

the CMS, and gain critical insight into what's ahead. After all, Joomla 4 is right around the corner, and this is a great way to find out what to expect. Additionally, these events can offer deep insight into the future of Joomla! and its supporting technologies. You can learn more about web design

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/241-save-on-admission-to-joomladay-florida
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Joomla 2.5 Support and RocketTheme Templates

prefer Joomla 2.5, but that need a bit more time to perform updates on their end. We expect our templates to be Joomla 3.x compliant much sooner than this date, but understand that some overlap in support is expected as people make arrangements to update their existing sites and perform recommended testing

Joomla Articles /blog/team/162-joomla-2-5-support-and-rockettheme-templates
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JoomlaDay is Heading to Denver October 1st

opportunity to meet fellow Joomla users and developers, learn more about Joomla, and hear from speakers as they offer insight into how they are using, and expect to use the platform for some time to come. Topics covered at JoomlaDay range from user-level tips and tricks to advanced web development and marketing

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/231-joomladay-is-heading-to-denver-october-1st
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Is Your Magento Site Due for a Checkup?

keep a Magento site running at optimal levels. You want to make sure it stays updated, that your feature set is in line with what today’s consumers expect, pages load quickly and consistently across platforms, and that it remains secure. One of the biggest mistakes site managers make is a set-it-and-forget-it

Magento Articles /blog/team/213-is-your-magento-site-due-for-a-checkup
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Gantry5: Built from the Ground Up for Speed

primary focus of Gantry5. Everything we have put in to Gantry5 has been done with the idea in mind that has to either meet or exceed our performance expectations. We actively sought out alternative methods that would avoid causing additional page load time on the frontend, or cause potential delays on the

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/170-gantry5-built-from-the-ground-up-for-speed
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RocketTheme Update: Joomla 4 & More

continue to support all of our mobile responsive Gantry 4 templates from Halcyon to Cygnet. Users can expect continued support for these templates throughout the life of Joomla 3.10, which is expected to be 2 years from the time it becomes available. Over 15 Years with Joomla RocketTheme launched

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/279-rockettheme-update-joomla-4-more
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Gantry 5 Coming to RocketTheme Joomla Templates in May

support from the beta testing community, we are pleased to announce that May's RocketTheme template for Joomla will be built using Gantry 5. The expected release date of the upcoming Gantry-powered template is May 7th. This date is subject to change as development continues. About Gantry 5 Gantry

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/185-gantry-5-coming-to-rockettheme-joomla-templates-in-may