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Score 2.8

Affinity: Recreate the Demo

a, .block-title strong span, .block, .block-content, .mageside-menu-heading, h1, h2, h3, .clearfloat, .col-main, .bg-container-end, .col-main-end, .thumbswrapper, .thumbsbutton, .thumbsbutton a, .clearfloat, .mageside-menu-toggle-button, .mageside-menu-toggle-container li a Modal Window Animation Settings

Magento Documentation /docs/magento/themes/affinity/demo.md
Score 2.6

RokMage Mobile: Setup Guide

&& count($children) ) { echo '<div class="mageside-menu-toggle-button' . ($object->isCategoryActive( $category ) ? '-current' : '' ) . '"></div><div class="mageside-menu-toggle-container' . ($object->isCategoryActive( $category ) ? ' active' :

Magento Documentation /docs/magento/themes/rokmage_mobile/setup.md
Score 2.0

Mynxx: Recreate the Demo

rounded_s, .round-l, .rounded_l, .round-xl, .rounded_xl, a.backward, a.forward, .images, #dynatip, .thumbswrapper, .thumbsbutton, .mageside-menu-toggle-button, .mageside-menu-toggle-button-current, #mynxx-contactForm Modal Window Animation Settings overlayopacity: 0.2,overlayinspeed: 300,modalpreposition:

Magento Documentation /docs/magento/themes/mynxx/demo.md
Score 1.6

Moxy: Recreate the Demo

rating-box .rating, .form-search, .rokmage-cart-box-container, .top-links ul li.first, .scrollable-container, a.prev, a.next, a.prevPage, .a.nextPage, .mageside-menu-toggle-button, .sidebar .block, .sidebar .block .block-content, .rok-breadcrumbs ul li.first a, #rocketlogo, .quick-access2, ul#magemenu-top

Magento Documentation /docs/magento/themes/moxy/demo.md
Score 1.4

Kinetic: Recreate the Demo

Modal Log In No IE6 Transparency Fix Add Classes to Fix .page, .page-top, .page-end, .logo img, a.prev, a.next, a.prevPage, .a.nextPage, .mageside-menu-toggle-button, .rating-box, .rating-box .rating, .tabs a, #rocketlogo Modal Window Animation Settings overlayopacity: 0.2,overlayinspeed:

Magento Documentation /docs/magento/themes/kinetic/demo.md