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Paradox: Recreating the Demo - Header

Header Section Here is the widget breakdown for the Header section: Gantry Logo The first thing you will need to do is click and drag the Gantry Logo widget from the Available Widgets area of the Widgets menu to the appropriate section. Once this is done, the logo should appear in as it does in the demo...

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradox/demo_header.md
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Paradox: Recreating the Demo - Showcase

text field. <img src="http://demo.rockettheme.com/live/wordpress/paradox/wp-content/rockettheme/rt_paradox_wp/frontpage/fp1.jpg" alt="image" class="rt-image floatleft" height="150" width="225"/> <p><strong>Paradox</strong>, the <strong>June</strong> 2011 release,

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradox/demo_showcase.md
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Paradigm: Recreating the Demo - Utility

rt-capitalize">Loads of Features</h1> <p>Paradigm has a vast assortment of major and minor features, to make customization easy and your site alluring.</p> <a class="readon2" href="http://demo.rockettheme.com/live/wordpress/paradigm/features/">Read More</a> Here is a breakdown

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradigm/demo_utility.md
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Paradox: Recreating the Demo - Bottom

Bottom Section Text [15%, 3%, se] Text [15%, 25%, se] Text [15%, 50%, se] Here is the widget breakdown for the Bottom section: Text Gantry Divider Text Gantry Divider Text Text 1 This section of the page is a standard text widget. You will need to enter the following in the main text field...

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradox/demo_bottom.md
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Paradox: Recreating the Demo - Copyright

Copyright Section Here is the widget breakdown for the Copyright section: Gantry Branding The Gantry Branding widget does little more than display our logo at the bottom of the page. Simply click and drag the Gantry Branding widget into the widget section for this to appear.

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradox/demo_copyright.md
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Paradox: Recreating the Demo - Navigation

Navigation Section Here is the widget breakdown for the Navigation section: Gantry Menu The Gantry Menu widget should be set to match your site's main menu as it serves as the primary menu widget for the entire site. You can customize this menu by navigating to Administration -> Appearance -> Menus and creating or modifying your selected menu there...

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradox/demo_navigation.md
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Gantry5: Reimagining the Layout Manager

concept was creating a Layout Manager that enables you to quickly and easily reconfigure virtually every part of the Layout, without a single line of code required. We are pleased to say that Gantry5 is going to have the single most powerful and easy to use Layout Manager of any framework available today

Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/174-gantry5-reimagining-the-layout-manager
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Paradox: Recreating the Demo - Introducing Paradox for December 2010

(allowing you to place multiple modules in the same positions, scrollable using a controller present on the frontend), navigate to Admin -> Template Manager -> Paradox -> Features and toggle the Scroller options to enable them. Since this particular module is in a Showcase position, the scroller can be toggled

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/paradox/demo_module_1.md
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Paradigm: Coming Soon

54: <p class="rt-comingsoon-additional-message">Paradigm supports a simple coming soon or offline style page with a time counter. It has been specifically styled to match the theme. This feature can be enabled in Admin Dashboard → Paradigm Theme → Gizmos → Coming Soon Page. You can customize this

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradigm/comingsoon.md
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Alerion: Recreating the Demo - Parallax

field. Details Option Setting Title Parallax Show Title Show Position extension-a Status Published Access Public Custom Output Enter the following in the Custom Output text editor. <p>Parallax is apparent motion of a 3D object depending on your perspective

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/alerion/demo_module_12.md