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Score 60.8

Metropolis: Recreating the Demo - Our Users

gantry-width-33 gantry-width-block"> <div class="gantry-width-spacer"> <span class="rt-image"> <img src="/images/rocketlauncher/frontpage/sidebar/user2.jpg" alt="image"> </span> </div> </div> <div class="rt-demo-block gantry-width-33 gantry-width-block

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/metropolis/demo_module_6.md
Score 60.8

Oculus: Recreating the Demo - Our Users

="gantry-width-33 gantry-width-block"> <div class="gantry-width-spacer"> <span class="rt-image"> <img alt="image" src="/images/rocketlauncher/frontpage/sidebar/img2.jpg"> </span> </div> </div> <div class="gantry-width-33 gantry-width-block"&

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/oculus/demo_module_11.md
Score 59.4

Plethora: Recreating the Demo - Sample Pages

option=com_contact&amp;view=contact&amp;id=1&amp;Itemid=126" class="rt-icon-item"> <span class="rt-icon-large"><i class="fa fa-ticket"></i></span><br /> <span>Contact</span> </a>

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/plethora/demo_module_14.md
Score 54.8

Paradigm: Recreating the Demo - FP Footer Menu

<div class="gantry-width-block gantry-width-33"> <div class="gantry-width-spacer"> <h2 class="title">Info</h2> <p class="nomarginbottom"><a href="#">About</a></p> <p class="nomarginbottom"><a href="#">Blog</a>

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/paradigm/demo_module_12.md
Score 53.9

Cygnet: Recreating the Demo - FP MainTop

<div class="gantry-width-spacer"> <div class="rt-block-maintop"> <h3>Templates</h3> <hr /> <div class="rt-super-large-text rt-odometer-1 odometer" data-odometer-value="88">1</div>

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/cygnet/demo_module_7.md
Score 53.9

Lexicon: Recreating the Demo - FP Content Top 02

<div class="gantry-width-33"> <img src="/images/rocketlauncher/home/fp-content-top-02/img-01.jpg" alt="image" /> <div class="gantry-width-spacer"> <h4 class="medpaddingtop">Preset Styles</h4> <p>An assortment of six default but editable preset

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/g4lexicon/demo_module_5.md
Score 53.9

Iridescent: Recreating the Demo - FP Utility A

<div class="gantry-width-33"> <a href="https://www.facebook.com/RocketTheme"> <div class="rt-icon-1"> <i class="fa fa-facebook fa-3x"></i> </div> </a> </div> <div class="gantry-width-33"

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/iridescent/demo_module_7.md
Score 53.9

Cygnet: Recreating the Demo - Main Top

<hr /> <div class="rt-super-large-text rt-odometer-1 odometer" data-odometer-value="81">1</div> <p>An extensive collection of premium WordPress themes available to you.

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/cygnet/demo_maintop.md
Score 53.4

Chapelco: Recreating the Demo - Main Top

Set the Title Variation option to Title 5. Enter icon-star featuretitle fp-maintop hidden-phone in the Custom Variations field. Leaving everything else at its default setting, select Save.

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/chapelco/demo_maintop.md
Score 53.0

Audacity: Recreating the Demo - FP MainTop A

Details Option Setting Title FP MainTop A Show Title Hide Position maintop-a Status Published Access Public Custom Output <div class="gantry-row"> <div class="gantry-width-33"> <div class="gantry-width-spacer"> &

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/g4audacity/demo_module_7.md