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Billing and Payments Guide

This guide will answers some of the frequently asked questions involving payments and billing.


RocketTheme works hard to make sure its approach to billing and payments is as seamless and easy to follow as possible. Below, we have outlined some of the more frequently asked questions surrounding RocketTheme's billing and payments policies.

Are Subscriptions Automatically Renewed?

For starters, we do not have an automatically recurring billing option. This is done to ensure that RocketTheme's customers are not surprised a year after initial sign-up when their membership renewal date comes around. We send email reminders as the renewal date approaches, though nothing will ever be automatically billed or drafted.

When Can I Renew My Membership?

You have the ability to renew within 360 days of your current term's expiration date, or any time after that. You can find out more about loyalty discounts here.

Can I Get a Refund?

RocketTheme's current refund policy is listed in our membership terms and conditions.

To put it simply: We do not offer refunds once a membership has been purchased. Any specific product issues are best addressed through our forum.

What Payment Options are Available?

RocketTheme currently accepts PayPal and Credit Card payments. Please be aware that all credit cards are processed through Stripe.

The Payment Failed. What Should I Do?

The most common cause of a failed transaction is some error in the information provided. A transposed number, incorrect zip code, or some other information failure. There should be a failure notification which will give you a starting point for troubleshooting.

If the transaction fails repeatedly, you may wish to contact your bank or credit card holder. You can also contact support directly at and we can take a look.

NOTE for PayPal Users: Please be aware, we only receive the error messages from PayPal and have no control over the transaction. Therefore, we can only advise on how to address the issue. Only PayPal and your bank can offer an affirmative solution.

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