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Club Membership Guide

This is your guide to RocketTheme's membership policies and guidelines.


RocketTheme goes to great lengths to make sure that our Club members receive the best products, support, and value in the industry. It is because of this commitment that we adopted the Club membership model to ensure that you have access to the templates, extensions, and resources you need to make your Joomla, WordPress, or Grav site shine.

Note: This guide is intended as a general reference and does not supersede our current Terms and Conditions which are always available on our primary website.

We currently offer Club memberships for three web application platforms.

  • Joomla!
  • WordPress
  • Grav

Club memberships give you complete access to our entire product catalog for the platform you are subscribed to. This includes templates and extensions we have created over the years, in addition to any we create during your subscription period. We currently make subscriptions available for 3, 6, and 12 month periods.

You also receive Site Licenses allowing you to use RocketTheme products on multiple web application installs so you can pay once to create two or more sites. You can continue using your template/theme/style even after your subscription period has expired. You just do not get access to any support, updates, or additional products released outside of your subscription period. Additional site licenses can be purchased ala carte should you need more than those included with your initial membership.

Developer Club Membership

We also offer a Developer Club option suitable for small businesses or individuals that frequently work with clients and/or require many site licenses. It is an excellent choice for small businesses or web developers that want to take full advantage of RocketTheme's products without having to purchase additional site licenses as you go. You also gain access to our Developer Only community forums, the ability to post and reply to the Jobs board, and eligibility to have your work highlighted on our site and/or throughout our social media channels.

Membership Benefits

Our Club members receive a variety of products and services, in addition to our templates/themes/styles. Members receive 1-3 initial site licenses, allowing them to install RocketTheme products on multiple individual sites.

They also gain access to our forums where they can receive support from our around-the-clock team of moderators and developers, helpful community, and growing library of documentation that extends well beyond our core products.

As part of a Club membership, members also gain access to any extensions RocketTheme creates for the related platform. For example, a member of the WordPress Theme Club gets complimentary access to all of RocketTheme's supported WordPress plugins.

For a reasonable fee, you can receive direct, one-on-one support from our development team to assist with configuration, setup, minor tweaking of RocketTheme products, and more. This Premier Support channel is made available to help in the rare event that you need assistance that requires a more site-specific resolution.

In addition to membership benefits listed on our site and throughout this documentation, we are dedicated to doing everything within our ability to make our customer's lives easier. Our Club members are our first priority, and we will only continue to build on and increase the value of a RocketTheme Club membership.

Membership Restrictions

RocketTheme works hard to ensure that our customers have the maximum value for their investment. In order to continue to provide quality products at a consistent rate, we have to place some limitations on account privileges. These limitations include redistribution of Club products, unauthorized use of our logo (or variations thereof), and/or misrepresentation of a member's affiliation with RocketTheme.

Site Licenses

Site Licenses were created in order for us to be able to offer budget-friendly membership prices for customers that really only need to set up one or two sites, but do not have intentions to set up a full-time development company working with numerous clients. The time and expense involved in creating our templates and extensions is considerable, and this is the best way we could justify keeping our prices low by avoiding charging everyone the Developer Club rate.

Even if a Club or Developer Club member has extra site licenses, they are not allowed to resell, give away, or re-distribute RocketTheme products. Site Licenses apply to the member alone, and while they can be used to create a site for a client (which the client then owns), the Site license remains with the member.

For example, a member that creates a site for a local business using a RocketTheme template/theme/style can do so as long as they have not extinguished their allowed site licenses. Once the site is created, the site license is considered used until such time as the theme is removed from the site. Regular Club account members can have up to their site license limit in active installs live at any given time, even after their membership has expired.

Developer Club members with unlimited site licenses must have an active membership at the time the site is created. They could not, for example, build a new site for a client using a RocketTheme Club product after their membership has expired. Any site they set up during their active membership can remain up after its expiration, however.

Site Licenses currently exist on the honor system, though RocketTheme reserves the right to change this at any time, requiring new installs on live (non-development) servers to be linked to an active account.

For detailed information on site licenses, and how they are counted, see our Site Licenses Guide.


RocketTheme encourages Club members to use its products with clients. It is RocketTheme's hope that its products make creating useful, dynamic websites a quick and easy experience for members.

We do not, however, encourage any activity that would lead someone to believe that a Club member is in any way directly associated with RocketTheme. The use of RocketTheme's logo, any copyrighted materials, and products are restricted to the terms of the membership agreement.


RocketTheme supports the use of its products for non-profit organizations. If a member uses a RocketTheme template/theme/style for the benefit of a registered non-profit organization, this application does not count against their site licenses.

This benefit is a bonus of any membership type, there are no special registration requirements for non-profits, just proceed as normal. In regards to utilizing the benefit, the onus is on you to identify if you are a non-profit, as certified by the law in your country.

If you are aware of your non-profit status, you can proceed in using the unrestricted template usage provision of our license - but only for the duration of your membership, unlimited site licenses are not active after expiration.

Therefore, if you are a non-profit organization, verified by law, you can use the non-profit benefit of our license without the need to notify us.

However, although your website maybe categorized as a non-profit site, you will need to subscribe to our templates club, in order to download our templates and get access to the specific forums.

Therefore, memberships are not provided for free, or at an additional discount, to non-profits.

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