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Product Comparisons

RocketTheme has several different purchasing options to meet the needs of a variety of customers. From individual websites to corporate accounts with dozens of websites, we have an option to meet your needs.


RocketTheme has two primary methods you can use to purchase access to any of our templates. Club memberships give you access to our entire catalog of templates for a specific platform for a limited time, while a single template can be purchased in order to grant lifetime access to download, update, and receive support for a single template. Both of these options come with complementary access to the associated platform's library of extensions.

Below, we have outlined and compared our various purchasing options.

Club Memberships

Memberships to RocketTheme Template/Theme/Style Clubs give you complete access to our template libraries for their associated platforms, in addition to complementary access to the associated Extensions Club. You are essentially subscribing for limited-time access to our product library and support channels. This access gives you the ability to download as many templates or extensions as you need, receive updates for supported products, and take advantage of additional customer support.

Club memberships are best for anyone that builds and/or manages several different sites at once. It makes it easy to download multiple templates, and try each of them out before committing to a site design.

Club members also receive extra site licenses (depending on the membership term) which accumulate with each renewal. For example: After two years of membership, you will have six site licenses to use. You can also elect to join a Developer Club which comes with unlimited site licenses made available during the duration of membership. If you just need a few additional site licenses, you can purchase them separately.

Once your subscription term has expired, you lose access to these services until the subscription is renewed. Your accumulated and purchased site licenses remain.

You can find more information about Club Memberships in our Club Membership Guide.

Single Template Purchases

Single template purchases are an excellent solution for individuals, small businesses, or anyone that just wants a specific template for their site. These purchases come with the advantage of an unlimited term of access and support, including updates. Like a Club membership, individual template purchases come with complementary access to our catalog of associated extensions.

For example: If you buy the Acacia template for Joomla, you will have ability to download and update the Acacia template, any extensions in our Joomla extensions library, and access the Acacia and Joomla extension support forums. This access does not have a term limit.

You only receive one site license with each template purchase. In order to add additional site licenses, you will need to purchase the template again for each site you wish to use it on.

For more information about site licenses, see our Site Licenses Guide.


Feature Club Membership Single Template
Template Catalog Entire Platform Catalog (3-12 months) Template Only (lifetime*)
Support/Forums Full Access to Club Forums (3-12 months) Template and Extensions Only (lifetime*)
Extensions Club Complementary (3-12 months) Complementary (lifetime*)
Site Licenses 1-3 (expandable) 1 (non-expandable)
Price $59 - 99 $29 - 49

Note: Individuals and organizations that purchase products with Lifetime terms of support and availability will retain access to downloads, updates, and related support forums until such time as the product purchased is considered Legacy, and is no longer sold or supported by RocketTheme. Once a product is no longer sold or supported, the purchaser may lose access to downloads and related support forums.

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