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Attracting Customers to Your E-commerce Site

In fact, some of the best strategic posts out there do not even mention the brand's products at all. They are useful, sharable, and they generate conversation. Conversation establishes relevance, and relevance is exactly what you need to keep your site on your customer's minds.

RocketTheme Documentation /docs/technical_tips/ecommerce/build_an_audience_for_ecommerce.md
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SEO Tips

Mention of your brand in the content body is good, but the title is better. Set SEO Settings in Global Configuration with Joomla For Joomla users, setting these SEO options is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

Joomla Wordpress Documentation /docs/technical_tips/blogging/seo.md
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Image Optimization Solutions

Honorable Mention: TinyPNG If PNG files are the source of clutter for your site, then TinyPNG.org might just be the best solution for you. It has a quick, clean click-and-drag interface allowing you to upload your PNG file and receive an optimized version in its place.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/design/39-image-optimization-solutions
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Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook Review

Chapter 5 focuses on products, explaining how to set up your catalog, add shipping rates, add configurable products etc.

Magento Articles /blog/reviews/69-magento-development-cookbook-review
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How to Design Case Studies

Your case study should ideally not be more than 5 to 7 pages. If you have too much text, consider using images to replace the text - but keep your images light on words.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/design/264-how-to-design-case-studies
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Five Ways to Monetize Your Content

Maybe this is through sponsored posts in your blog, dedicated ad space on the site, or through mention scattered throughout your content. Whatever your arrangement is with them, it is a much more personal and flexible relationship than you might find with your average ad network.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/126-five-ways-to-monetize-your-content
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10 Hidden WordPress Features You Didn't Know Existed

The following are some examples: * and - are shortcuts to unordered lists. 1. or 1) are shortcuts to ordered lists. # translates to h1, ## translates to h2, ### translates to h3, and so on.

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/267-10-hidden-wordpress-features-you-didn-t-know-existed