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iPhone App Recommendations from the RocketTheme Team

It's great for finding obscure bus routes I never would've thought of, and helps me avoid the dreaded underground. It is only useful for the supported cities of London, New York, Paris and Berlin.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/117-iphone-app-recommendations
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How Does Site Speed Affect Sales?

You can strive to optimize your website by finding a fast hosting provider that can deliver your site's content as quickly as possible.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/220-how-does-site-speed-affect-sales
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Five Tips to Boost Sales from Your Online Store

This is one of the primary reasons Amazon adopted its 1-Click checkout that enables you to find a product and buy it without having to go through the entire checkout process if you already have information on file.

Wordpress Joomla Magento Articles /blog/team/140-five-tips-to-boost-sales-from-your-online-store
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RocketTheme Perks Offer Exclusive Savings on Top Solutions

It's arguably the fastest available, with over 40 worldwide server locations across 5 continents. This includes 700+ servers, and 200,000+ global IPs insuring that connections are not just available, but optimized to give each user the best experience possible.

Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/149-rockettheme-perks-offer-exclusive-savings-on-top-solutions
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RocketTheme Update: Joomla 4 & More

We've downsized our team, defended our website from a large scale DDoS attack, and have been preparing our themes and our Gantry 5 framework for the release of Joomla 4.

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/279-rockettheme-update-joomla-4-more
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Five Ways to Monetize Your Content

Content based sites often struggle with finding a way to introduce monetization. There are plenty of methods out there being deployed by the many sites that depend on income to stay in business, and we list five of them in this article.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/126-five-ways-to-monetize-your-content
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Basics: Debugging & Customizing with LESS/CSS

Below is an example from Chapelco: LESS (Compiled) Files As an example, in the CSS pane screenshotted below, the #rt-logo CSS is being generated from a master-#.css file on line 1. This file has been compiled by LESS and compresses the entire code onto 1 line to improve performance.

Joomla Articles /blog/coding/32-basics-debugging-customizing-with-less-css
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IFTTT Recipes for Professionals Using iOS

Add Emails Labeled 'To-do' to Your Reminders Going through your Gmail and finding things that need to be accomplished is one thing, but actually adding these tasks to your task list is something we almost all forget to do from time to time.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/123-ifttt-recipes-for-professionals-using-ios
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Useful Chrome Extensions for Productivity

It's also free to use with the option of a premium account that enables mobile functionality at $1/month. Looking for an alternative? We have actually listed several excellent password managers in a previous blog post. StayFocusd Having trouble staying focused throughout the day?

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/139-useful-chrome-extensions-for-productivity
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Home Office Hacks for Productivity

As long as you're not spending too much time finding the right song to listen to, having audio streaming to your workspace is a much less distracting alternative to medias that demand that you both hear and see them.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/147-home-office-hacks-for-productivity