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How to Create an Article

You can insert the actual link (point 5), designate text which will be linked to the destination URL (point 6), and set a target to determine how the link will be loaded (point 7). You are not limited by these fields to insert media and/or links into an article.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/basic/how_to_create_an_article.md
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How Joomla Templates Work

Here's how: Install Extensions This is where you will want to go to install any extensions. [80%, 5%, se] The easiest way to do this is by going to Admin → Install Extensions (point 1) within the Administrator area of your site.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/platform/templates.md
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How Joomla Works

Some of the terms used in the Joomla ecosphere are shared with other CMS environments while others are purposely differentiated in order to maintain some separation between platforms in order to avoid confusion. For example, a template in Joomla is very similar to a theme in WordPress.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/platform/understanding.md
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RocketTheme Ending Support for IE7 Beginning August 1, 2012

Therefore, beginning August 1 we will no longer support IE7 with our template and extension releases. It's time to say so long to IE7!

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/60-rockettheme-ie7-support
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SEO Tips

This enables people to quickly identify and select your site's article over any others that might appear in the page. It is a quick way around having to dig through the page description to find what you are looking for. There is a downside with doing this.

Joomla Wordpress Documentation /docs/technical_tips/blogging/seo.md
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WordPress: Menu Guide

How to Create a Menu Menus This link gives you access to the main menu editor for WordPress. [47%, 5%, se] To get to the Menus area of the backend of WordPress, you need to navigate to Admin -> Appearance -> Menus.

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/start/menus.md
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Apps and Online Resources for Writers

The Hemingway Editor is available as a free Web utility, but can also be purchased and ran locally on either OS X or Windows ($5). Hemingway has two primary modes of operation. The Write mode gives you a clean, distraction-light layout which you can write in.

Wordpress Joomla Articles /blog/reviews/137-apps-and-online-resources-for-writers
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Joomla! Hosting

Joomla 3.x Software Minimum Recommended MySQL 5.1 + 5.1 + MSSQL 10.50.1600.1 + 10.50.1600.1 + PostgreSQL 8.3.18 + 8.3.18 + PHP 5.3.1 + 5.3.1 Apache 2.x + 2.x + NGINX 1.0 1.1 Microsoft IIS 7 7 Joomla currently does not support MySQL 6.

Joomla Documentation /docs/hosting/joomla.md
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RokNavMenu: Setup Guide

Some templates may include Fusion in lieu of Dropdown, and others may also offer Spicemenu. Menu Numbering: Enabling or disabling menu numbering is done via this option. This option is not present in all templates. Select a Menu: The Joomla menu you select here will be the source for the main menu.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/extensions/roknavmenu/setup.md
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Top News Aggregation Services

For $5 monthly or $45 yearly, you can upgrade to a pro account and set up automatic sharing of feed entries through third-party services like HootSuite and Buffer. You can also search within your Feedly library for specific information, and save it to Evernote or OneNote with a click.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/114-top-news-aggregation-services