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How to add custom module position to template

  • How to add custom module position to template

    Posted 5 months 6 hours ago
    • Hi, is there a way to add a custom module position to a Gantry 4 template (eg Ricochet), so that it is not overwritten by a subsequent template versions?

      I found this helpful article on the Gantry 4 site docs.gantry.org/gantry4/customize/adding-module-positions but it seems to be modifying the original template files.

      Is there a way to use the /custom directory of the template, so that changes to index.php, templateDetails.xml, and template-options.xml are not lost when the template is updated to the next version?

      I realise that I can manually make the changes again, following an update to the template, I am just wondering if there is a way to avoid having to do this?

      I would like to add a module position row "upper-bottom" to the Ricochet template, with up to 4 columns, which is inserted above the existing "bottom" position.

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    Re: How to add custom module position to template

    Posted 5 months 2 hours ago
    • That is the tutorial you should use. Yes, it requires you to modify the original template files. No, your cannot use /custom folder to make these changes.

      This is one of the main reasons that we introduced Gantry 5. In Gantry 5 you can add as many module positions as you like, wherever you like, without having to modify files (it's simply drag and drop). There I no direct migration path from a Gantry 4 template to one using Gantry 5 though... you have to redevelop your site.

      Regards, Mark.
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