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No messaging support?

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    No messaging support?

    Posted 6 years 5 months ago
    • One of those things you don't miss until it appears to be gone...

      Forgive me if this was covered elsewhere - is there no way to message other members/RT Staff like we used to?

      While needed very infrequently (at least for me), it was good to know I had the ability to drop a note to Andy Miller directly when warranted.
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    Re: No messaging support?

    Posted 6 years 5 months ago
    • Hey Cebby. Kunena doesn't have built-in support for personal messaging and we decided to take a different approach with RTv3. Basically in the RokcetTheme forum, PMs are intended to be used to provide private information that is not suitable for public consumption. Things like server details, accounts, etc. Unfortunately, but probably not unexpectedly, the PM system was often abused in RTv2 and used as way to get direct support from our moderators and team. Also if a few moderators were working on the same issue, that private data that was perhaps sent to one moderator had to be passed around manually to the other moderators, often with extra context to link back to the thread in question etc. It really separated the private data from the public forum.

      We decided that a better approach would be to have a private/secure tab on each post so that this secure data could be provided along side the post in question, viewable to all moderators (plus original poster). I think this makes support via the forums much more effective, and should lead to better resolution of issues, which im sure will be good news to all :)

      If you need to reach me or any other team member specifically, you can always use the contact us page and the support team will forward to us. Also if you post in the forum and note me in the subject or something, either I will find it or a moderator will let me know. I know it's not a PM system, not even close, but we're never far away, and certainly not trying to avoid you guys!

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    Re: No messaging support?

    Posted 6 years 5 months ago
    • This message contains only secure information that is visible to Andy Miller, moderators and administrators

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