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IFTTT Recipes for WordPress Users

automation that IFTTT provides, you can even send these posts automatically to platforms like Buffer. WordPress to PDF and Dropbox This one is kinda cool, albiet not totally useful for everyone. This recipe will take any new post on your WordPress blog and turn it into a print-friendly PDF before

Wordpress Articles /blog/reviews/121-ifttt-recipes-for-wordpress-users
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Ten Useful WordPress Troubleshooting Tips [Infographic]

If you're about to make changes to your website, you should consider backing up the site's data before doing so. Even a routine update can cause all kinds of chaos on your server, and that data could be lost forever unless you have a backup stored in a safe place away from the production server. Test

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/256-ten-useful-wordpress-troubleshooting-tips-infographic
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RocketTheme’s 10th Anniversary Interview with Andy Miller

and also provided a flexible UI for end users to be able to modify and tweak the themes to their needs. It was the first true theme framework of its kind, and continues to be a solid platform for modern theme development, even today. Gantry5 is a complete rewrite based on all the lessons we have learned

Grav Joomla Wordpress Phpbb Magento Articles /blog/team/163-rockettheme-s-10th-anniversary-interview-with-andy-miller
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How to add Google AdSense to WordPress

advertising-based revenue model used by website owners and bloggers. It lets bloggers/website owners earn money by running targeted Ads which are based on the kind of content put up on the site and the target audience. If you have just started blogging and are interested in knowing more about how AdSense works

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/273-how-to-add-google-adsense-to-wordpress
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Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook Review

over the latest Magento books from Packt Publishing - namely their Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook and their Magento 1.4 Themes Design - which they kindly sent me review copies of after discovering RocketTheme "while searching for professionals with Magento development experience". Considering I've spent

Magento Articles /blog/reviews/69-magento-development-cookbook-review
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WordPress Guide for Reducing Bounce Rate

and only few strategies can make a difference. Adhere to the above steps and you'll definitely see a positive change in bounce rate. Good luck and kindly share your views in the comment section. About The Author: Kiera Hayes is a passionate Blogger and Web Developer. She enjoys reading and writing

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/240-wordpress-guide-for-reducing-bounce-rate
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Music Streaming Services for Productivity

three that you like from this group, and you are ready to receive your recommendations. For me, I stated that I really liked alternative, rock, and kinda liked metal and pop. The recommendations page I got was filled with pretty heavy metal bands like Slipknot. It came close, but didn't quite hit the

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/125-music-streaming-services-for-productivity
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How SEBLOD Can Help Your Joomla Web Development Business

through the steps to create a frontend content manager. This applies not only to content (Articles, Categories or Custom ones) but also with any other kind of object, such as Users... to give you the ability to build your own User Manager on the frontend of your website . Please note that native Joomla

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/165-how-seblod-can-help-your-joomla-web-development-business
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Website Speed Improvement Tips

page, can decrease page load times significantly. Think about each component of the page being a separate file that has to be downloaded, because it kind of is. Your browser can only download and handle these pieces so many at a time, so doing things like combining scripts, CSS, etc. whenever possible

Wordpress Joomla Articles /blog/team/169-website-speed-improvement-tips
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WordPress SEO Plugins Compared: Yoast SEO and All IN One SEO

created automatically and also get updated whenever new content is introduced. You can have a look at the sitemaps in the settings section and decide the kind of post that you want to include. All in One SEO Pack – This plugin doesn’t really have XML sitemaps as a default feature, and you would

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/260-wordpress-seo-plugins-compared-yoast-seo-and-all-in-one-seo