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campus. From video tours to an interactive event calendar, Koleti has everything you need to create a stunning website for your school, boot camp, or university. Typography Typography is an important instrument in not only the site design, but how your content is portrayed and utilized by your visitors

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Can Telecommuting Improve Productivity?

but for the employer. A happy workforce is a more productive one, according to a recent study conducted by the Social Market Foundation and the University of Warwick. Improved worker morale resulted in an increase of between 12 and 20% in the 700-person experiment. Summary Telecommuting is a growing

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Group Chat Solutions for Teams

file browser in a way that is easy to find. You can sort files by type, by person, or star them to make sure they stand out from the rest. Slack’s universal search is also smooth and easy to use. When someone begins typing, you can see a notification letting you know who is responding. Slack’s pricing

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RocketTheme’s 10th Anniversary Interview with Andy Miller

projects, such as Gantry 5 and the future of the Grav CMS. How did RocketTheme come about? What inspired you to create the company? Ever since University, and the Internet was young, I have been involved in Web development. A good balance between design and development has always been something that

Grav Joomla Wordpress Phpbb Magento Articles /blog/team/163-rockettheme-s-10th-anniversary-interview-with-andy-miller
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Five Tips for Better Written Content

When it comes to generating traffic and search engine optimization (SEO), few practices are as universally recommended as producing quality written content on your site. Whether your website is a personal portfolio or a corporate site with hundreds of subpages, having quality written content is an

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/168-five-tips-for-better-written-content
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Five Tips to Boost Sales from Your Online Store

easy to get carried away with listing as many products as possible on a single page to the detriment of your sales. A study conducted by Columbia University revealed that offering people too many choices results in a greater likelihood that they won't choose anything at all. In this study, two tables

Wordpress Magento Joomla Articles /blog/team/140-five-tips-to-boost-sales-from-your-online-store
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Achieve Maximum Conversions by Transmitting Emotions

This is a guest blog post written by Christian Rennella, an engineer from the Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Argentina), currently Senior Marketing Manager for OMT Online for Brazil. Passionate about developing new technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Personally, I am convinced

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Essential Mac Apps for Development and Productivity

it's years in perpetual free beta status. In August 2011, Evernote purchased Skitch and began working on a major rewrite to transform the once universally useful application in to an Evernote companion product. Unfortunately the release of Skitch 2.0 was a disaster and basically ruined this once proud

RocketTheme Articles /blog/mac/38-essential-mac-apps-for-development-and-productivity