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Nuance: Recreating the Demo - Expanded Footer

Expanded Footer Section Here is the widget breakdown for the Expanded Footer section: Custom Menu The Custom Menu widget allows us to add an extra menu somewhere on the page.

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/nuance/demo_expandedfooter.md
Score 41.4

Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Subscribe RSS

</strong></a> </div> <div class="demo-rss-right"> <img src="/images/stories/demo/frontpage/twitter.png" alt="Twitter" class="demo-rss-img" /> <span><strong>Follow us on Twitter?

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/reaction/demo_module_5.md
Score 40.9

Afterburner2: Recreating the Demo - Contact Us

<div class="gantry-width-15 gantry-width-block"> <h4><span class="icon-phone"></span></h4> </div> <div class="gantry-width-85 gantry-width-block"> <strong>+1 (555) 555-555-5555</strong> <br/> <span>+1 (555) 555-555-5556&

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/afterburner2/demo_module_7.md
Score 40.9

Oculus: Recreating the Demo - Contact Us

<div class="gantry-width-10 gantry-width-block hidden-phone"> <span class="icon-phone"></span> </div> <div class="gantry-width-90 gantry-width-block"> <strong><span>+1 (555) 555-555-5555</span></strong><br /> <small>+1 (555

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/oculus/demo_module_15.md
Score 40.2

Xenon: Recreating the Demo - Bottom Section

Item 1 Author Jeffrey Beck Item 1 Company Creative Director Item 1 Link Blank Promo Content (Particle) The Promo Content particle is a Gantry 5 Particle module placed within the bottom-b module position.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/xenon/demo_bottom.md
Score 40.1

Sirocco: Recreating the Demo - Footer

Footer Section Text 1 [20%, 5%, se] Text 2 [20%, 30%, se] Text 3 [20%, 75%, se] Here is the widget breakdown for the Footer section: Text Gantry Divider Text Gantry Divider Text Text 1 This section of the page is a standard text widget.

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/sirocco/demo_footer.md
Score 40.0

Chapelco: Recreating the Demo - Contact Us

<div class="gantry-width-10 gantry-width-block"> <span class="icon-phone"></span> </div> <div class="gantry-width-80 gantry-width-block"> <strong><span>+1 (555) 555-555-5555</span></strong><br /> <small>+1 (555) 555-555-5556&

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/chapelco/demo_module_9.md
Score 40.0

Fracture: Recreating the Demo - Contact Us

<div class="rt-demo-width-10"> <span class="icon-phone largemarginbottom largepaddingbottom"></span> </div> <div class="rt-demo-width-90"> <a href="#"><em class="bold">+1 (555) 555-555-5555</em></a><br /> <span><em class

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/fracture/demo_module_6.md
Score 40.0

Chimera: Recreating the Demo - About Us

About Us This area of the front page is a Custom HTML module. You will find the settings used in our demo below.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/g4chimera/demo_module_15.md
Score 39.9

Sirocco: Recreating the Demo - FP RokSprocket Headlines

to create custom content for the module without having to create entire articles for it.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/sirocco/demo_module_2.md