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7 Design Tweaks to Seriously Boost Conversions

I’m sure you’ve read posts like this before. Maybe you’ve even written a post or two on conversions yourself. The answer’s always the same old story, to “build quality content, and visitors will convert”. While it’s true that long-form content performs

RocketTheme Articles /blog/design/247-7-design-tweaks-to-seriously-boost-conversions
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10 Essentials to Create Perfect SEO Optimized Content for your Websites

URLs short. All successful pages have short URLs and that’s enough reason for you to do so. Also make sure that all the important pages are there in the sites XML map. Let Google identify and understand you! If anything above doesn’t help, do some research online to find the best web hosting

RocketTheme Articles /blog/design/259-10-essentials-to-create-perfect-seo-optimized-content-for-your-websites
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How to add Google AdSense to WordPress

your WordPress site’s Dashboard. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets You will be required to locate the ‘Custom HTML’ Widget and click on it. Next up, paste the code (from the previous step) by right-clicking. Click on ‘Save’ and ‘Done’ Note: The

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/273-how-to-add-google-adsense-to-wordpress
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10 Hidden WordPress Features You Didn't Know Existed

With new updates, WordPress receives many new abilities and features which many existing users don’t bother about. Whereas new users are - new users, and it is understandable if they don’t know all that WordPress has to offer. And so for this read, we will be going through some of these

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/267-10-hidden-wordpress-features-you-didn-t-know-existed
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WordPress SEO Plugins Compared: Yoast SEO and All IN One SEO

search engine results. The most comprehensive SEO plugins available in the WordPress repository are the ‘All in One SEO Pack’ and Yoast SEO’. The All in One SEO Pack came out in 2007 and has been one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins. Launched in the year 2010, the Yoast

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/260-wordpress-seo-plugins-compared-yoast-seo-and-all-in-one-seo
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A complete guide to creating a WordPress Email Marketing Campaign

point in time. We also aspire to help you with a detailed guide about creating the perfect email marketing campaign for your WordPress site. So, let’s keep reading. Email marketing: The most viable option for content distribution Asking people to visit your website and read its content is

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/250-a-complete-guide-to-creating-a-wordpress-email-marketing-campaign
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A Beginner’s Guide to Database Management and Changing WordPressThemes

functionalities. When you look at the structure of these tables, you can easily understand where the various parts of a WordPress website get stored. Let’s see below the default WordPress tables. wp_commentmeta Containing the meta data about the comments posted on a WordPress web page. There are four

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/243-a-beginner-s-guide-to-database-management-and-changing-wordpressthemes
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Looking Forward to Joomla 4 and Beyond

templates that don’t undergo a major overhaul prior to its release. Gantry 4 has run the course of a decade now, and would require an extensive rewrite to work with Joomla 4. So, we’ve decided instead of adding even more coding bulk to an already-mature code base, we’re focusing our

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/277-looking-forward-to-joomla-4-and-beyond
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New Supra Template for Joomla 3.7 Released

customize the user experience of your website in Gantry 5’s layout manager. Just select a particle you’d like to use and drag it into your layout, fill out the intuitive form fields and save. Supra, like all of RocketTheme’s Gantry-powered templates, is completely compatible with Joomla

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/252-new-supra-template-for-joomla-3-7-released
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How to Choose the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Business Website?

mobile and other handheld devices. Depending on your business website’s topic, the number can vary and go higher than 50% of your traffic. Even Google prefers mobile friendly websites while giving mobile search results. It doesn’t matter what type and demographics of a website you have, it is

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/251-how-to-choose-the-perfect-wordpress-theme-for-your-business-website