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RokNavMenu Exporter for Joomla 3.x

Step 1: Install RokNavMenu Exporter on Joomla You can download RokNavMenu Exporter for Joomla 3.x from the RokNavMenu Downloads Page for Joomla on our official website.

Phpbb Documentation /docs/phpbb/modules/roknavmenu.md
Score 27.0

K2 Styling Guide

Where Joomla excels as a content management system (CMS), it does have points where it could be a little more user friendly, especially for someone migrating from another platform.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/basic/k2_styling_guide.md
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Web-based White Noise Generators for Productivity

It's static, and because of this your brain will be less likely to pick up on the loop points, making it appear as one constant stream of random sound. The company behind it makes a decent rain variant called SimplyRain which is also available as an iOS app.

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/131-web-based-white-noise-generators-for-productivity
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How Joomla Extensions Work

To access the Update menu, navigate to Administrator > Extensions > Extension Manager and select Update in the sidebar on the left side of the Extension Manager page (point 1 in figure below). From there, you will want to hit the Find Updates button (point 4) to get a complete list of extensions.

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/platform/extensions.md
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Gantry 5: Beta 4 Released

Gantry 5: Rethinking How Positions Work in Joomla Gantry 5: Meet the Menu Editor Gantry 5: Powerful New Font, Color, and Icon Pickers Gantry 5: Joomla Beta Released Gantry 5: Joomla Beta 2 Released Gantry 5: Joomla Beta 3 Released

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Joomla Articles /blog/team/184-gantry-5-beta-4-released
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Responsive Design: Part 1 - RocketTheme's Plan

What we decided was to incorporate some of the most critical requests and enhancements into the next version to be called Gantry 4 and push back our more ambitious but less urgent plans into the following release, Gantry 5.

Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/team/58-responsive-design-rockettheme-part1
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It boasts 6 style variations, and our 12 RokMage extensions are seamlessly integrated into the design.

Magento Documentation /docs/magento/themes/cerulean/
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Best Platform for Blogging

It is frequently used in high-traffic situations and has a multitude of customization points that allows you to turn it into whatever you want it to. It is a powerful CMS, and it is because of this it boasts one of the most loyal user communities in the industry. Which One Should You Choose?

Wordpress Joomla Documentation /docs/technical_tips/blogging/best_platform_for_blogging.md
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RokSprocket for WordPress Tips

The same concept applies to just about any RokSprocket widget, each with its own set of points you can add your own content to.

Wordpress Joomla Articles /blog/wordpress/143-roksprocket-for-wordpress-tips
Score 22.7

Should You Use a VPN?

Firewall Unlimited Bandwidth (Make Sure The Provider Doesn't Throttle Connection Speeds) No Download Cap Multiple/International Exit Servers (Exit Servers Should be Located In Various Places, Worldwide) Mobile Apps and Support >1 Simultaneous Connections Self-Contained Infrastructure (No Third Party

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/132-should-you-use-a-vpn