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Topaz: Recreating the Demo - Slideshow Section

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Topaz Demo for Joomla


The Slideshow area of the page is made up of three columned sections wrapped in a Container. Slideshow Left and Slideshow Right do not appear on the front end as they have no assigned content. However, there is a Slideshow A module position in the Slideshow Main section which contains three different particles: Grid Statistic, Custom HTML, and Joomla Articles.

Here is a breakdown of the module(s) and particle(s) that appear in these sections:


Option Setting
Layout Remove Container
CSS Classes Blank
Tag Attributes Blank

The container wrapping the Slideshow sections enables the three sections to exist within a single horizontal space.

Slideshow Main

The Slideshow Main section hosts the Owl Carousel particle on the front page. You will find the settings used in the section below.

Section Settings

Option Setting
CSS Classes fp-slideshow
Tag Attributes Blank

Section Block Settings

Option Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes g-middle-column
Variations Blank
Tag Attributes Blank
Fixed Size Checked
Block Size 70%

Slideshow A (Module Position)

Particle Settings

Option Setting
Key slideshow-a
Chrome gantry
Block Settings

Option Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes Blank
Variations Blank
Tag Attributes Blank
Fixed Size Unchecked
Block Size 100%
Owl Carousel (Particle)

The Owl Carousel particle is assigned to the Slideshow A module position. This is done by creating a Gantry 5 Particle module and assigning it to the slideshow-a position, then selecting Owl Carousel as the Particle in the module's settings. You will find its settings below.

Option Setting
CSS Classes Blank
Content Source Particle
Display at Once 1
Title Blank
Description Blank
Layout NewsSlider
Width Full Width
In Animation fadeIn
Out Animation fadeOut
Prev Next Disable
Prev Text Blank
Next Text Blank
Dots Disable
Loop Enable
Autoplay Disable
Autoplay Speed 5000
Pause on Hover Enable
Owl Carousel Item 1 Name Item 1
Owl Carousel Item 1 Image Custom
Owl Carousel Item 1 Icon fa fa-compass
Owl Carousel Item 1 Title Item 1
Owl Carousel Item 1 Subtitle Heading
Owl Carousel Item 1 Author Grace Kelly
Owl Carousel Item 1 Author Image Custom
Owl Carousel Item 1 Description Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua.
Owl Carousel Item 1 Link Blank
Owl Carousel Item 1 Link Text Blank
Owl Carousel Item 1 Target Self
Owl Carousel Item 1 Button Classes Blank

Option Setting
Joomla Categories Blank
Articles to Fetch 1
Intro Image Enable
Categories Names Enable
Article Title Enable
Intro Text Enable
Author Enable
Link Enable
Link Text Read More

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