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Protean: Flipster Cover Flow Particle

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Protean Demo for WordPress


The Flipster particle enables you to create a cover flow-style series of informational cards to your site. This is a great way to showcase information that you would like your visitors to know. It's a modern take on the traditional tabbed content block.

Here are the topics covered in this guide:


Main Options

These options affect the main area of the particle, and not the individual items within.

Option Description
Particle Name Enter the name you would like to assign to the particle. This only appears in the back end.
CSS Classes Sets any CSS class(es) you would like to have apply to the particle.
Title Creates a title for the particle that appears on the front end.
Start Set the starting position for the particle as it loads. This is a zero-based index, with center being the middle.
FadeIn Sets the speed of the FadeIn affect when switching between items.
Loop Enables you to loop around when the start or end is reached.
Autoplay Sets autoplay (in milliseconds). Setting 0 or leaving the field blank disables.
Pause on Hover Pauses autoplay when you hover over the particle.
Style Sets the style for the particle. Options include: Cover Flow, Carousel, Flat, and Wheel.
Spacing Sets the spacing between the cards.
Click Enables you to switch between items by clicking them.
Keyboard Enables left/right arrow navigation.
Scroll Wheel Enables scroll wheel navigation.
Touch Enables touch navigation for tablets and smartphones.

Item Options

These items make up the individual featured items in the particle.

Option Description
Item Name Designates a name for the item that appears in the back end only.
Custom Width Set a custom width for the item here.
Accent Sets an accent color for the item.
Title Add a title to the item here.
Description Add a description to the item here.
Image Add an image to the item here.
Button Label Sets a label (text) that appears on the button.
Button Link Sets a link for the button.
Target Sets a target for the button's link. This could be self or new window.
Button Classes Sets CSS class(es) to the buttons.

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