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RocketLaunchers and Joomla/Extension Versions

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    RocketLaunchers and Joomla/Extension Versions

    Posted 4 years 10 months ago
    • In light of recent security releases we felt it would be prudent to remind members that our RocketLaunchers are created when templates are released. By their very nature RocketLaunchers are time consuming to construct and as such we only update them if there is a new template version released.

      They are not updated with latest Joomla or Extension versions!

      If you use a RocketLauncher as a starting point for your website then you need to consider that some elements will be out of date. A good protocol to follow would be as follows...

      1. Install RocketLauncher
      2. Check Joomla Update and install latest update
      3. Go to Extensions > Manage > Update and install any extension updates
      4. Go to Extensions > Manage > Manage and uninstall RokUpdater if it is included
      5. Install Akeeba Backup and take a backup in case you need to get back to a clean but updated version of the demo site

      Although this is just common sense and Joomla Admin does display update warnings in the admin header, many people fail to update straight away and leave themselves open to being hacked.

      You may even want to consider using a monitoring service such as watchful.li to ensure you keep your site up to date.

      It doesn't take long to update a site deployed using RocketLauncher, literally a few minutes, which is nothing compared to having to rebuild or disinfect your site if you get hacked.

      Keep vigilant and keep up to date!

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