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DISCUSS: NEW Premier Support Option

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    Re: DISCUSS: NEW Premier Support Option

    Posted 4 years 6 months ago
    • I like the option and have used it before to good success. However I have a open Premier Support issue that is well beyond the intial 2 hour intial response SLA (with in the hours of operation). It is very hard when we are expecting at least a ticket to be started within 2 hours and we pay the prenium and it has not been.

  • Re: DISCUSS: NEW Premier Support Option

    Posted 4 years 3 months ago
    • Don't waste your money! You'll get the freebie canned responses that you can find on the forums. Reggie has been such a blessing! LOL It seems the guys that chime in on the forum are of more help than premier support. First off, I made a major blunder when RokGallery wasn't responding so I went in and disabled the plugin and accidentally hit enable for RokBooster. When I went back to my frontpage, it threw all the js and css files out of wack so I am not claiming "I didn't do anything!". Anyway, my response from Reggie Simmons was to go back in and update my template, gantry, plugins and so forth but that has screwed me more than helped me in the past due to compatibility issues. I do have other plugins that I have spent weeks tweaking and the site has been working flawlessly for a month. All til today when I needed to edit a picture in the gallery.

      My sole responses have been to update everything just to SEE if that helps. How about checking out the issues I outlined instead of telling me to fix it myself and keep my legs crossed. Sheeshhhhhhhhhh

      Oh and is there a developer in this forum that thinks he can help me? I've paid once and I can do it again!
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