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roknav + quasar - doesn't work

  • roknav + quasar - doesn't work

    Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    • hi,
      in joomla:
      i install roknavmenu (mod)+roknavmenu export (plg), and get filenames for phpbb3
      in phpbb3
      i install rokbb3_free + quasar template, in acp it looks nice, and works fine (change template styles, etc.)
      but when i need to add joomla mainmenu it doesn't work.
      i check tutorials 3 times, it's easy and clear but it fails in use.
      its my global configuration
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      i have no ideas what goes wrong - help me
      joomla (1.5.22)- www.enemy.ionic.pl/
      phpbb (3.0.8 ) - www.enemy.ionic.pl/forum

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